laboum What Are You Going To Do
LABOUM are one of the better rookie acts to hit the K-pop scene this year. With a sound and image that resembles A Pink hopped up on Pixy Stix and Buzz Cola and a catchy debut single in the zippy “Pit-a-Pat,” LABOUM have captured a modicum of my interest in a year that’s been really weak for good new girl groups.

Their new single, “What About You?,” is a slightly-remixed version of a track from their first mini-album, Petit Macaron. The minor tweaks to the production make a surprisingly big difference, turning “What About You?” from a decent b-side into a solid single. The new mix brings out the ’80s pop elements in the song (always a good thing), and also makes it feel more melancholy overall.

Enjoy LABOUM while you can; they’re signed to Nega Network (who’s last rookie act, LC9, disappeared after one song) and NH Media (home of U-Kiss — need I say more?), so the chance of them actually sticking around is about as high as Park Bo Ram confessing that her new look came from extensive plastic surgery, instead of ‘diet’ and ‘exercise.’

And here’s “Pit-a-Pat” if you haven’t seen it.