justin bieber playtime
I followed the general sentiment of Justin Bieber being a joke and a hack up until last year when I heard his Journals album, then I instantly became a stan overnight. It’s probably my favourite mainstream pop or R&B album of the past year — I’m trying to think of one I liked more and I can’t.

Journals mix of overwrought teen angst and introspective Drake-y R&B is potent. It’s an honest look at the emotions that come with being young, horny, and in love, and for the first time ever it made me see the boy behind the brat.

Journals may have flopped harder than ARTPOP, but its sound isn’t dead yet.

JB’s protégé Khalil brings it back on his Bieber collabo “Playtime,” which appears on his A Long Story Short mixtape. The song’s melancholy urban groove screams wasn’t quite good enough to make Journals but will work for a random mixtape cut, so naturally I love it.

The flaw-free outro from the 2:00 mark >>>>>> Drake’s blue balls from the “Anaconda” video.

#JusticeForJournals #FreeJustinBieber