jieun pretty age 25
SECRET recently had their second consecutive flop with August’s “I’m In Love,” but individually they couldn’t be any hotter. Sunhwa is nation’s act-dol and visual face morph of Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun, Hyosung’s boobs had a surprisingly big solo hit with “Good-night Kiss,” and The Artist Formerly Known As KFC’s Zinger Burger has been slaying Instagram with photos of her cute poodle.

Now it’s time for Song Ji Eun to shine (again) with another one of her flawless solo singles — and this time it isn’t a depressing ballad!

With the help of recent SECRET collaborator Duble Sidekick (“I’m In Love,” “Good-night Kiss”), “Pretty Age 25” has transformed Ji Eun from a gloomy balladeer into a shiny pop princess and less embarrassing version of my fave guilty pleasure, G.NA.

“25” is interesting because it combines the two extremes of SECRET –sugar-fuelled aegyo and raw sex appeal– into one package. G.NA kind of tried this with “Pretty Lingerie,” but “Pretty Age 25” is a more fully realized concept with the sexy-cute fusion perfectly expressing a girl blossoming from a bratty Lolita into grown ass woman.

Duble Sidekick’s sax-heavy production puts “25” right on trend with other big pop songs out this year, and it’d make a great Ariana Grande single if she wasn’t too afraid to show off her cute and innocent side (instead of the Taxi Driver child prostitute shtick she’s been peddling lately). I also wouldn’t be surprised if “25” was originally pitched as a Hyosung or SECRET single, but was then eventually turned into a Ji Eun solo for whatever reason.

Either way, “25”is tha shiznit, just like everything SECRET does. It’s also doing okay on Melon, so fuck yeah, WINNING.

Check out the music video, which is Ailee + G.NA’s “Pretty Lingerie” + A Pink’s videography + etude House CF, below!