iu Sogyeokdong
IU (short for ‘I own all U peasants coz I’m dat bitch and don’t you forget it’) is an artist that’s constantly evolving. Although her sonic shifts are often subtle, the K-pop princess has continually tried new things on every album she’s ever released, almost always with perfect results.

Her latest musical foray is into the world of electronica. She dipped her toes into the genre on the excellent “Pierrot Smiles at Us” from May’s A Flower Bookmark, but now she’s fully submerged herself in the sound with her new Seo Taiji collaboration, “Sogyeokdong.”

The result is like CHVRCHES gliding through the dreamy landscape of K-indie — a.k.a. THE BEST THING EVER!!!

IU’s delicate voice is a thing of beauty, and brings extra layers of emotion to an already melancholy song that could give you chills just from its instrumental alone.

Strolling lonesomely down the narrow alley stairway, that you and I used to stroll down together,” she sings. “The deep fragrance of the past brushes past me.

I don’t want to forget about this, but I don’t even have a single photo leftI just keep telling myself that I’ve done all I could.”

The music video, which tells the story of a young romance during a time of political unrest in the early ’80s in Korea, is equally as stunning as the song.

Do we need any more proof that IU is one of the greatest female pop artists in music today? Don’t think so.