iggy azalea feature
Somebody recently commented on here that I hate Iggy Azalea, which isn’t true. I like her as a person; she’s intelligent and savvy and has managed to turn herself into one of pop music’s biggest stars despite being some small town Aussie chick with absolutely no talent as a singer or rapper — I’d actually go as far as to say she’s possibly the worst rapper I’ve EVER heard in my life (that accent…).

Like Katy Perry before her, Iggy’s calculated image is everything while her music is overproduced one-size-fits-all garbage that’s so fucking bad we have to brainwashed into liking it. But I can’t knock her hustle, and I think it’s cool how women like Iggy and Katy are able to enjoy unimaginable fame and fortune by turning themselves into overpriced products. I mean, why not?

Iggy’s about as ambitious as J.Lo, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by just how polished and impressive her performance of her new “Fancy” remix “Beg For It” was on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

Like Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” it was a full-blown pop performance with backup dancers and choreography and stage props. My bar for pop-star dancing is pretty high since I’m a K-pop fan where good choreography is the norm, not the exception, but I have to say that by American ‘hip-hop’ standards, Iggy slayed it.

What made it even better was seeing Iggy covered from head-to-toe in some chic ensemble that her expensive stylist Jason Rembert probably put together, rather than the straight-up Black Tail mag porn that Nicki’s been serving with “Anaconda.” Not that live sex shows are bad, they’re just overdone so seeing somebody clothed is refreshing.

While Iggy killed it, guest star MØ was so fucking awful that Iggy had to go on Instagram to defend her. I never bought into the MØ blog buzz (she’s been doing the rounds online for a couple of years now), so seeing her crash and burn was no great disappointment to me.

Anyway, Iggy was amazing. Just don’t watch the “Fancy”/”Black Widow” performances because those were trash and Rita Ora was the absolute worst (well, not MØ bad, but still bad).