haim pray to god
Calvin Harris makes a pretty amazing pop star when he’s on his A-game, which thankfully is a lot of the time. One look at his discography reveals about ten solid smashes, ranging from very good (“Ready For The Weekend”) to mind-blowing (“Sweet Nothing”).

Still, he doesn’t always get it right, as evident by some of the superstar collabos on his new album Motion.

“Together” with Gwen Stefani is mildly enjoyable EDM fodder for the radio, but sounds like neither artist is really trying. “Dollar Signs” with Tinashe is the same, except the fat beat drop sounds more club-ready.

Both songs are good enough as long as your standards aren’t too high.

Fulfilling more than the bare minimum is Calvin’s explosive collaboration with Haim, “Pray To God,” which is one of the few cuts from his album to offer something beyond just cookie-cutter dance-pop.

“Pray To God” sounds exactly like any of the best cuts from Haim’s Days Are Gone album, just with an epic EDM backdrop that PRAISE THE LORD avoids the same tired formula of “Together” and “Dollar Signs.”

Like “Sweet Nothing,” it’s the best of two worlds coming together, which is an important ingredient in making a great collaboration.

Thank god for Haim.