Girl's Day I Miss You
Between Hyeri’s aegyo, Yura’s visuals, Sojin unnie’s hair, Minah’s Minah-ness, and all the catchy songs, Girl’s Day could literally shit in a bottle and it’d be a hit. They’re just that popular.

The poor dears have been worked into the ground all year, so much so that making another full-fledged comeback would probably send them all to an early grave. To solve this problem, the foursome have instead dropped some half-assed ballad that they won’t be officially promoting because they know they’re hot enough right now that people will buy anything they put out.

The song, titled “I Miss You,” is one of those generic Korean girl group filler tracks that’s just decent enough to make the first round of music program performances when some semi-popular idol is having a double stage to promote their new album.


Girl’s Day’s whole thing now is that they’re really pretty, so the “I Miss You” video is just them being pretty and crying because it’s a ballad.

Anyway, good for Girl’s Day for striking while the iron’s hot (in other words, GET MUNY BITCH). I can’t wait to see them come back with another killer pop track once they’re done milking the masses with this thing.