CL fashion week
Now that 2NE1 is pretty much a done deal following Melty Face’s drug scandal, the youthful, stylish, talented, and all-natural baddest female CL is preparing for a promising future beyond the overrated girl group.

The fashion icon has just announced her plans to officially debut in the U.S. next Spring under the management of Tricycle Braun, best known as the monster behind Justine Bieber and Annabelle Grande.

Because all K-pop fans besides me are retarded, this news will probably  be met with negativity and lame comparisons to the Wonder Girls will inevitably be made. Without being delulu, here’s a few reasons why why a U.S. C.L. will at the very least have more chance of succeeding than any other K-pop act in the States would.

1. Her rapping

After a couple of years of Nicki Minaj being the only working female rapper around, the femcee scene finally started going off this year. Haters might say that CL can’t rap (which is false), but neither can Iggy Azalea and she’s the biggest thing since Michael Fassbender’s dick right now. If Becky G and Cher Lloyd can have ‘rap’ hits, then so can CL.

 2. Her race

Iggy Azalea is a white Australian with an ass full of silicone pretending to be a black woman from Georgia. Her music is atrocious, her rapping is even worse, and the entire idea of her is just fucking ridiculous — but she’s a superstar. One reason that she works is because she’s different; she doesn’t look like Nicki or Azealia, and there was a big gap in the market for attractive white people to release pop-rap crap. Normally I’d say that being Korean would hurt an artist in racist ass America, but in CL’s case I think it’ll work to her advantage since there aren’t any big Asian pop stars/rappers out right now. Nicki’s the black girl, Iggy’s the white girl, Becky G’s the Latino girl, and CL’s the Asian girl.

3. Her fashion

CL’s a style icon in Asia and a front row regular at Fashion Week’s across the globe. She’s even crossed over into the Western fashion world, appearing in commercials for Adidas Originals and landing features in popular style rags like Nylon and W. Half the reason Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea got popular is because their management hired stylist Jason Rembert to turn them into fashion ‘it’ girls, which got them their first mainstream media coverage and then snowballed into more music, modelling, and acting work. CL already has the fashion thing in the bag; she boasts connections with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Jeremy Scott, and if Scooter Braun’s smart he’ll milk it for all its worth just like Rita has. In other words, CL’s years of social butterflying around fashion events means that half the work to becoming a global star is already done.

4. Her connections

There’s literally nobody in K-pop that’s more well-connected than CL. Besides Scooter and the fashion friends I already mentioned, she’s already collaborated with the likes of Diplo,, and Skrillex before. Homegirl isn’t going to have any trouble snagging the best beats for her solo album.

5. Her talent

CL is basically Rihanna’s fearless fashion (without the slutty edge, of course), the hip-pop-ness of Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce’s high-energy performances all rolled into one. She sings, she raps, she dances, and she looks like a fierce motherfucker while doing it. Anybody who denies that this woman is an absolute beast on stage that will easily chew up ya faves and spit them out is either a hater or just crazy with ebola.

2015 = Year of CL.

  • Nicole Naeun

    LMFAO @ Annabelle Grande!!! And yay @ Michael Fassbender’s big dick!

    As for The Try-hardest Female; eh.

  • Sunny

    agreed on most of the post, especially on how CL’s rapping ability doesn’t matter consider the low standards we have on the US radio already. I think she has the “it” factor to make the media care about her too. unlike those trash flops Far East Movement.

  • 364Leinad

    I’ll just be happy that that whole 2NE1 mess is over. They had some really good songs but God they were an embarrassment.

  • Yes please! 2NE1 and 8NSD stand no chance against Hyorin and her bitches, so they better disband now. If CL debuts in the US while Minzy tries the Korean debut thing, it’ll be a great year. <3

    • Lilacbenson


  • gossipmob

    That MTBD live performance made me gain new appreciation for The Baddest Female as a song. It works well as an album or concert introduction, but it just got dragged out to be a full, leading title track.

    As for CL’s US solo career? I’m still jaded from past attempts and America’s severe lack of good Asian representation in media.

  • Justy

    I agree that at the very least she has a better chance than other k-pop idols/groups have had in the past just based on her style and Scooter managing her, but I still don’t see it happening. Her main talent is her performance skills and charisma, so hopefully she’ll be able to use that to her advantage if all else fails.

  • UncleFan

    I think poor Minzy wants us to pray for 2NE1…. LITERALLY.

    • This made me hate Minzy after I saw this LOL. Although at least she isn’t as delulu jesus crazy as Sunye

    • Minzy always post stuff like that, media is just trying to create drama using the fact that fans and non-fans keep complaining and hating on CL because of the fact that Minzy can dance, sing, rap, and been writing and producing since 2011 and YG keeps putting her in the shadows

  • true

    i wish CL the best she is a star in her own right & she must have alway wanted to debut in the US. As long as other memeber of 2ne1 get to do there own thing & they dont break up then i will be happy as a fan but if i’m honest the fact YG has not given 2NE1 a full world tour annoys me.

    on a side note T-ara

    T-ara is eyeing the clubs worldwide with their latest release. The K-pop girl group has dropped both an English and Korean version of their new EDM-inspired single “Sugar Free.”

    With its multiple drops and easy-to-sing-along-to melody, “Sugar Free” falls into the big room sub-genre of electro-house music. The track recalls recent works by David Guetta (“Bad,” “Shot Me Down”) and Martin Garrix (“Animals”).The English version comes via a new remix album released Wednesday, EDM CLUB Sugar Free Edition. The 16-track set comes with the original English and Korean versions and six remixes of each rendition. It follows the group’s And&EndEP (released Sept. 11) that included the single and four new K-pop tracks. “Sugar Free” is currently at No. 4 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs while And&End is No. 12 on the World Albums charts dated Sept. 27, 2014.

    “Sugar Free” marks the first time T-ara has recorded in English as a full group. T-ara N4, a splinter quartet of the girl group, told Billboard last year they were discussing collaborations with the likes of Chris Brown and other U.S. stars for a potential stateside debut after opening for the R&B singer in concert.

    Check out the girls in the Korean version’s flashy video below. Listen up for a different breakdown section and slightly altered melody on the chorus.

  • Riley Biers

    Jacque how do you feel about Kesha suing Dr luke?

    • I’m not really taking sides because I’d rather wait to see what the court says, but I feel like probably a chunk of what she’s saying is true but she might be exaggerating some stuff to play hardball and get out of her record deal since she’s been trying everything to get out of it for like two years, so this is obviously last resort

  • lol i didn’t know you disliked iggy azealea sooooo much lol

    • I actually really like her as a person and think she’s really smart, but her rapping and music is absolutely atrocious.