4ladies move
More than a month after they dropped the LGBT anthem “Move,” STELLAR copycats 4L have finally debuted on a music program.

The four ladies performed a highly-censored, 2-minute version of their controversial viral hit “Move” on Inkigayo tonight, wearing an elegant ensemble of vinyl outfits wrapped in gaffer tape. They looked like a bunch of plastic unnies owned by Korean drug cartel that get wheeled out to perform in gang-owned nightclubs and poker nights, which is exactly why I like them.

The classy quartet actually sung some of the song live which is something that nation’s girl group STELLAR never do, but the song loses some of its pizzazz without the porno choreography from the music video.

If 4L could make it onto Inkigayo, I don’t know why they haven’t just performed on The Show, Show Champion, and Simply K-pop where they’d be allowed to freely pop their pussies, raw and uncut. The Show and Show Champion are fifty billion times better than the main music programs these days anyway. (Especially Show Champ, which has shown STELLEGEND’s “Mask” a lot of love.)

Anyway, 4L have actually been gathering steam lately, so we might see them pop up on more music programs over the next few weeks. The “Move” MV is a viral hit with over 3.6 million views, the ladies have shot a few pictorials (including popular military magazine Him), and they’re going to perform with U-Kiss at some K-pop event in Manila soon. I even saw that they were a topic of discussion on a variety show with Kim Gura, and netizens on Naver recently demanded to know what 4L have been up to.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a video of 4L speaking in high-pitched aegyo voices. Y’know, because they’re so innocent and cute.