hilary duff x factor

Hilary Duff made a triumphant return to the stage on tonight’s episode of the Australian X Factor to perform the single that Taylor Swift should’ve released, “All About You.”

Duff, who hasn’t performed in seven years, was definitely back in form despite her lengthy absence from the stage. And when I say back in form, I mean that she’s back to self-consciously shuffling around the place while trying to mime or battle a loud backing track. Hil didn’t even bother upgrading her outfit from the good ol’ days, choosing instead to wear vintage Stuff by Hilary Duff prototypes from one of Target’s abandoned sweat shops.

The whole thing was very post-breakdown Britney plus “Hoedown Throwdown” divided by Jessica Simpson’s “Push Your Tush.”

In other words: the most fucking iconic flawless performance of the century.

Ariana Grande also performed on the show, but I’m not posting that trash because a legendary superstar of Hilary’s caliber shouldn’t have to share the same stage with the bitch that Single White Female’d Mariah Carey. Also, her dancing is almost worse than Hilary’s, which is not something you wanna see.