nasty nasty knock
Trouble Maker’s self-titled debut was about as fierce and fly as you can get, but that whole “Now” thing was pretty lame outside of Queen HyunA. (Could anything ever be more embarrassing than Hyunseung running around pretending to be Sid Vicious?) Luckily for those of us mourning the lack of good co-ed groups in K-pop, Nasty Nasty has come along to fill the gaping hole in our hearts (and other places) with their sexy debut single “Knock.”

Comprised of a member from Star Empire’s flop boy band ZE:A, Star Empire’s flop girl group Nine Muses, and some flop from Star Empire’s pool of flop trainees, Nasty Nasty is a trio with a ménage à trois concept and a funky Michael-Jackson-meets-90s-hip-hop sound.

As mind-blowing as that sounds, the end result doesn’t really amount to much more than a backup dancer’s wet dream. Nine Muses’ Kyungri is undeniably charismatic and ZE:A’s Kevin is way more talented and attractive than I expected him to be, but the styling isn’t particularly eye-catching and the song sounds like it’s just made for weekend dance classes. Even doll-eyed rookie member Sojin looks like little more than a glorified backup dancer, although I think that was probably the point so it’s not really a gripe.

Thankfully Nasty Nasty deliver with the choreography, which really enhances the concept and the already catchy song. I don’t know who produced “Knock,” but the vintage hip-hop drums and sax really make me wanna dance, and since that’s clearly the main goal of this whole thing, then it’s a success in my books.

It may not be as good as a Nine Muses single, but as club fodder and dance rehearsal BGM, it’s a hit.

  • Nicole Naeun

    It’s made by Rado and some guy, both guys also produced Sistar’s “Touch My Body”.

    I don’t really feel the song nor the concept, and I honestly am done with 9M since 2 of the iconic members already left, and if that nugu is going to be 9M’s new member then it’s gonna seal the deal that I’m completely done lol.

    • Ooh Rado, that makes sense! It does def sound like Rado.

    • anonyyy

      Sem wasn’t iconic. Incredibly funny, and pretty, but not iconic. It was extremely apparent she didnt want to be in the group for quite some time.

      Sera leaving though, now that’s an iconic member. I honestly don’t get how Star let her leave like blackmail her or some shit.

      9M is dead, if Star knew better they would have taken the remaining A+ members like Erin and Kyungri, and made a new smaller group.

  • crayonpunk

    I’d say that Nasty Nasty had the better video just because none of it was really laughable, but Troublemaker’s Now is the better song solely for being memorable. I watched Nasty Nasty’s video like 10 minutes ago and I can’t tell you anything about the song other than it sounded promising starting out and there was a cool saxophone part after the chorus (and I’m not even sure if that’s true because I can’t even remember what it sounded like).

  • Sunny

    haven’t paid any attention to this group til now. even with a new nine muses member attached to it. Had zero interest even with all the twitter peeps flogging them everywhere (especially Sojin)

    that said. I’m grooving baby 8/10 ty Jacques for reviewing.

  • James Smith III

    So I’m guessing Sojin will be in 9muses and this their way of introducing her to us; kyungree totally stole the spotlight though!!!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I really like the song (the production) but the concept is lacking something I can’t put my finger on… still: Kevin >>>>>>>>> Hyunseung, any day!

    Can I point out Kyungri absolutely KILLED it in that intro performance for the M! stage?? And dear lord Kevin was gorgeous for the Inki stage! Sojin was present for both. *coughs discreetly into hand*

  • HavokWWE

    I think Sojin could be the new Nine Muses member. Makes sense to have her debut with NASTY NASTY to debut her and get her feet wet.

    Or maybe Star Empire now knows that their groups aren’t going anywhere and took the best from each group and a rookie to make NASTY NASTY. I feel like Sera was the member from Nine Muses originally chosen then they went with Kyungri