leighton meester heartstrings
A lot of time has passed since Leighton Meester was dropping underrated electro-urban jams for a pop album that would eventually never happen. The 28-year-old is now a singer-songwriter type releasing Fleetwood Mac covers on YouTube and playing small club gigs with bands that nobody has ever heard of, which I guess makes her Mandy Moore 2.0.

Meester’s finally set to release her first studio album at the end of next month, and if lead single “Heartstrings” is anything to go by, it might just be as good as her scrapped dance-pop album.

“Heartstrings” is a melancholy post-breakup F.U. produced by Jeff Trott, who’s best known for working with Sheryl Crow. That explains the country flavor in “Heartstrings,” although it’s more on the alternative, folky side of the genre. Bustle said that it sounds like “a Lana Del Rey song if Taylor Swift was covering it,” which would be a perfect description if Tay Tay could actually sing as well as the Gossip Girl star can. Meester’s voice is beautiful; she sings in her upper-register for the most part, but can drop down into a low purr or an emotive howl in seconds.

I didn’t think I’d be back stanning for Leighton Meester’s music career at this stage, but “Heartstrings” made it happen.