aoora body talk
90% of the K-pop industry is built on ripping off Beyonce, but it’s usually the ladies that commit the crime. SECRET and Ailee are the main offenders, but now a man is finally guilty of copying the booty padded bimbo too.

Aoora of irrelevant boy band AA established himself as Korea’s biggest manwhore earlier this month with a handful of skanky singles accompanied by 69-second music videos (lmao), so it’s only fitting that he’d copy pop music’s biggest feminist slut for his next flawless flop, “Body Talk.”

The song sounds like “Partition,” except way better and remixed by DJ Mustard, so obviously it’s amazing, but I’m more enamoured with the accompanying webcam sex video. Although Aoora doesn’t go nearly as far as I’d like, he still does a variety of super gay things like bending over, deep-throating a water bottle, and guzzling milk like STELLAR in “Marionette.”

I know there’s a naked woman twerking while Aoora performs all these filthy acts, but I’m still convinced that he bats for the boy’s team. After that song he did about having lengthy flip-flop sex with the S&M video featuring the chocolate covered banana, nothing will convince me otherwise.

Anyway, it’s about time K-pop produced a male popslut like Aoora. If FIESTAR can sing about gangbangs and Beyonce can brag about blowing guys in the back of a car and getting jizzed on like a hardcore bukkake enthusiast, then surely this plastic prince can objectify himself for our pleasure too.