girls' generation tts whisper
When SM first formed the Girls’ Generation-TTS subunit, it was to show the group as actual singers, not just performers. Now, two years after the trio first debuted with the bubblegum-y “Twinkle,” the goal appears to have changed — for the first time ever, Girls’ Generation are showing off their sensual side.

TaeTiSeo’s new pre-release single, “Whisper,” is a slinky ’90s bedroom jam that’s by far the most grown ‘n’ sexy song to ever come out of the Divine Nine. Like any great Janet Jackson or TLC track, it straddles a thin line between R&B grooves and full-blown pop, but unlike Ms. Jackson, TaeTiSeo can sing their wigs off. They don’t belt like in “Twinkle” though; TTS hold back a little, giving just enough to impress but not enough to kill the mood.

Your soft lips, a kiss that softly melts like caramel,” they sing. “I’ll close my eyes for you, yeah baby it’s for you.”

Girls’ Generation-SEX!

  • UncleFan

    If the rest of the album is like this, I’m going to really enjoy listening to the whole thing on repeat.

    • TTS slayed Christina Aguilera with Twinkle era, and with Holler they are coming for Janet Jackson!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I loved every song on their debut minus “Twinkle” (which I only still feel lukewarm about). But “Whisper” is gorgeousssss! I’m excited for “Holler” now if this is the caliber they’re hitting with just a pre-release!

  • Steve

    Whew. My bed sheets are soaked. Amazing.

    This is the kind of jam I need in my life right now.

  • walle walle

    The girls are serving 2002 Bet”106&park” / MTV TRL .Good job ladies.
    I’d rather enjoy this than listen to Ariana Grande mumble her native tongue and serve prosti-tot swag.

  • Nicole Naeun


  • norimix1

    Can’t wait for Holler and their comeback stage..

  • Prada Noona

    I listen to Chocolate Love and should-have-been-promoted Lips on repeat, praying for them to add another sensual track to their repertoire, and TTS delivers this gem for my unworthy soul. I have a feeling this promo cycle and album will be even better than Twinkle, as long as SM doesn’t mess it up like with the Mr Mr comeback.

  • James Smith III

    TTS> ur fave subunit

  • Johnnyyy

    Nice track…
    I’m still waiting for a Hyoyeon-Yuri-Sooyoung sub-unit though /: