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Yes, I’m fully aware that KARA and Orange Caramel just dropped new singles, and I fully intend to get to them soon, but right now there’s a more pressing matter at hand.


And EXID, too.


The nation’s feminists, who sexually liberated Korea earlier this year with the low legendary “Marionette,” will finally return on August 21 with their new digital single, “Mask.”

The new song was produced by the same people from Sweetune’s team that did “Marionette,” so it’ll probably be another perfect 10/10 defining anthem of our generation etc.

Speaking about the song, STELLAR’s agency said, “Stellar will be able to showcase both their dreamlike charm and elegance, as well as their sexy beauty through this new song.


EXID will be back exactly a week later with the Shinsadong Tiger-produced “Top Bottom,” which I can neither confirm nor deny is about gay sex positions.

The choreography was done by YAMA&HOTCHICKS, so I’m assuming that the group’s new agency is putting a lot into this comeback since its EXID’s first release in almost two years.

I want to get excited for EXID because they slayed the rookie scene back in the day, but it’s just been soooooo long now that the magic has worn off. They’re going to have to win back my affections before I start stanning again.


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[Via DKPop News]

  • ZeeHang

    Can’t friggin wait for EXID tbh! And btw, EXID’s song title in another translation is “Upside Down” :p

  • I am excited for EXID!

  • Riley Biers

    Girl you need to start paying your server fees on time..

    • Dead didn’t realize the site was back up.

      It wasn’t that btw. I let my old prophet blog domain expire on purpose because I don’t use it, but this site shared the same nameservers or something (idk how any of this shit works) and it crashed my whole site and ended up taking ages to fix because of some other problem that my server people couldn’t figure out until now.

  • James Smith III

    Exid!!! SLAYED

  • TerriDesu

    Stellar’s comback>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • UncleFan

    By the way, EXID’s comeback did, in fact, KICK ASS. Better than BESTie’s new song, if you ask me….