sophie lemonade hard
Lately I haven’t had the time to keep up with all the music I’d like to, let alone blog about it all. I can barely even keep up with K-pop at the moment, let alone J-pop, Western pop, and indie. Stupid life and work getting in the way of things, ugh.

Anyway, one act I have been trying to keep tabs on is SOPHIE, who I first discovered after Dazed Digital reported that the British producer/music maker/whatever is working on tracks for Harajuku goddess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Following his much blogged-about debut “BIPP,” SOPHIE returned last week with the double A-side single, “Lemonade” / “Hard.”

“Lemonade” sounds like Diplo washing down Pop Rocks with a vodka Red Bull, while at one point during the twinkly “Hard” I couldn’t help but envision a futuristic fun house version of one of Bowser’s theme songs. Maybe they’d play “Hard” in his nightclub fortress from Super Mario World?

It’s easy to see why SOPHIE, as well as Yelle, were asked to produce for Princess Pamyu. With Yasutaka Nakata’s production starting to get a little stale (especially where Perfume is concerned — “Cling Cling,” I’m looking at you), some fresh beats like these couldn’t come at a better time.