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I always pity K-pop fans who only got into the genre in the past two years, because that means that they weren’t around for the almighty reign of T-ara. (I assume that’s how older K-pop fans feel about people who weren’t around for Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” era, and so on and so forth.) Making it worse is that all the T-ara haters that popped up after the group’s career-destroying scandal try to downplay just how huge Slay-ara were at their peak, conveniently forgetting the 28 music program wins or the fact that T-ara is one of the best-selling K-pop acts of ALL TIME.

I thought it was only me and other nostalgic T-ara stans that liked to pine for the past, but it turns out that the folks over at Korean web portal Nate recently dedicated a whole thread to T-ara’s glory days. Check out some of the best translated comments below, via the awesome KpopKfans (a.k.a. the superior Netizen Buzz).

Seriously… Lies, TTL, TTL2, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Why Do You Act Like This, Like The First Time, I’m Really Hurt, I Go Crazy Because Of You, Yayaya, Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, We Were In Love, Day By Day, Sexy Love, they were no joke… What girl group can produce so many hit songs from 2009~2012, in just three years?

It’s almost equivalent to Nonono’s popularity. Roly Poly was a #1 nominator for 7 weeks on Music Bank. At that time, their competitors were Sistar’s So Cool and Miss A’s Good-bye Baby

What are you talking about? If you’re comparing T-ara’s peak, A Pink is not even close. T-ara’s public popularity was also really big. The public would know T-ara’s songs even if they don’t know who T-ara is

What’s funny is that T-ara’s scandal is just aegyo comparing to Bigbang’s but Bigbang is promoting well ㅋㅋㅋ So funny, fuck ㅋㅋ

Honestly T-ara used to be so popular. Roly Poly was daebak and Lovey Dovey was a hit so they were even mentioned on winning a daesang… They’re now pretty much dead but if they didn’t have the bullying scandal, then they must’ve been a top girl group similar to SNSD

Aren’t T-ara’s songs better than SNSD’s?

Yes to everything, basically.

Looking back at T-ara’s peak, the thing I remember the most is just how successful they were in so many different areas, with so many different demographics, in a way that only Girls’ Generation has ever really done. The way they dominated music, beauty rankings, acting, CFs, and variety made them virtually unrivalled, because whenever a girl group was more successful than they were at something, they could always just beat them at something else. Remember back when T-ara and IU were known as K-pop’s digital monsters for their unbeatable sales? For me to even get specific and list all of T-ara’s various rankings, income, chart positions, and all the random little achievements that only a hardcore fan like me would know would take up too much space, but most of the information can be found with some good Googling for anyone who is interested or dares to doubt T-ara’s former domination.

The most frustrating part of the whole scandal situation (besides how unjust and absurd it was) was that T-ara still hadn’t even peaked yet. Everybody knew that they were literally just one more hit era away from officially surpassing 2NE1 as K-pop’s second biggest girl group, and while it’s unrealistic to expect ANYONE to overtake Girls’ Generation, T-ara would’ve made a formidable runner-up. Unlike most idol groups that rely on either uncle fans or teenagers to support them, T-ara’s strength was that they appealed to all ages, in addition to having their claws in so many different parts of the entertainment industry, so their lifespan was already going to be much longer than their contemporaries.

Although, realistically, I have to admit that scandal or not, T-ara were bound to implode at some point. It’s a well known fact among both K-pop fans and the general public that they were the most overworked idol group around, and with their endless back-to-back comebacks, overseas expansion, acting gigs, and all the other shit they did on the side –like the touring Roly Poly musical, the clothing line, or THE FUCKING T-ARA COFFEE SHOP CHAIN— something was bound to give. I mean, they were already fainting on stage and shuffle dancing through sprained ankles, and Kim Kwang Soo clearly wasn’t going to give them a break until he’d made T-ara Asia’s biggest girl group.

Perhaps the scandal was Jesus’ way of slowing things down before one of the members died? Hey, it’s plausible!

Anyway, in memory of the forever legendary T-ara, here are a few choice moments from their glory days.

T-ara’s FLAWLESS performance of the biggest K-pop song of 2011, “Roly Poly.”

“Roly Poly” is so popular that a ‘Copacabana’ ’80s remix version is released.

T-ara performs “Lovey-Dovey,” the second highest-selling K-pop song of 2012 (after “Gangnam Style”), at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The first “Lovey-Dovey” comeback stage.

T-ara performs first group No. 1 single (and fifth highest-selling song of 2010) “I Go Crazy Because of You.”

“TTL,” aka collaboration of the millennium.

Eunjung’s hotness during the “Why Are You Being Like This?” era.

Jiyeon ranked best-looking female idol, surpassing SNSD’s Yoona.

Eunjung slays Suzy to hell and back.

T-ara makes Oricon chart history in Japan with “Bo Peep Bo Peep.”

T-ara performs “Bye Bye” from the best full-length Korean girl group album ever made, Absolute First Album!

  • Db

    I will always be a T-ARA fan, no matter what. They’ve yet to release a terrible song. Yes, that includes Nice Body! #justiceforOne&One #justicefororiginalversionSexyLove

    This video will always be the low point for me. Girl has to perform with freaking crutches!


    • Low point for me is still when they had to perform Yayaya in sub zero temperature outdoors when it was snowing in the middle of winter wearing flimsy revealing stage outfits and they were so cold they couldn’t do the choreography properly because they had to keep stopping to try and rub their arms to stop from freezing :, (

      • Db

        Is this it?


        Those poor girls.

        • Yes :, ( it doesn’t look as bad in the video coz they still slayed but read this article.

          Back in December, we reported about an outdoor performance T-ara held at the Gyungbok Palace for a special music program. Fans worldwide expressed outrage over how ill-dressed the girls were for the -15.1°C weather, the coldest day Seoul experienced in almost 30 years.

          At the time, T-ara wore short sleeved dresses made out of mesh material. Soyeon revealed in an interview, “After the performance, we all cried really hard. It was unimaginably cold and everyone sobbed out loud. We also complained a lot to our manager. It was so cold that my body felt like it received burns.”

          “There was a communication issue at the time so [our outfits] were not checked over. We were sorry that our stylists received some harsh words from fans who were worried about us. But after it passed, it was sort of funny.”

          Read more at Omona They Didnt: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/6431417.html#ixzz3A6Ggzc4j

          • Db

            That was awful to read. I hate this sort of bullshit statement they force the idols to make: “There was a communication issue at the time so [our outfits] were not checked over. We were sorry that our stylists received some harsh words from fans who were worried about us. But after it passed, it was sort of funny.”

            NO! It is not funny and you shouldn’t have to apologize for being forced to perform in -15C weather underdressed to the point where you can’t move.

        • t-errorist

          Iconic life changing performance. It gives me the inspiration to push myself harder in life. ♥

  • Stadium

    T-ara have the best discography of any k-pop group. I have yet to find a better discography from another group.

    • HELL YEAH!

      my top 3 k-pop groups are t-ara, snsd and after school. but while AS had musical misteps like the majority of the “virgin” full album and SM definitely didn’t care about decent music production for SNSD’s albums pre-oh!/run devil run, t-ara was the only group that i had THE WHOLE discography on my phone and i listened to at least one mini-album every day.

      as a hardcore fan of pop MUSIC and being one of the few k-pop fans that i know that is here mainly for the MUSIC, t-ara’s catalogue and even filler songs are mostly flawless! few people know gems like the k-pop rapping masterpiece that is “youyouyou” from absolute first album and how gargantually talented are hyomin and eunjung in the rap field.

      and also few people know the first stance of rap brillancy showed by hwayoung that is a little amazing track called “ma boo” from the temptastic EP.

  • Louisxvi

    T-Ara really was something. Before KKS fucked it up with Areum and Dani, T-Ara was what a girl group, actually a kpop group should be. They had the act-dols with Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon. The talented plastic doll Soyeon. Sex-dol Qri with her emotionless face. Their music was also something, I mean the whole Roly-Poly, Cry cry, lovey dovey time span was perfect, good music, absolute popularity, being a T-Ara fans was fun. They were also the group that didn’t pretend to be deeper than they are (YG STOP!). It truly was a great time in kpop, the KARA-T-Ara-GG-2NE1 in the prime was a sight to behold.

    Hwayoung was my favorite member tho, so I fell of the T-Ara wagon, but they did not deserve the hate they got.

    • Suzy Sooyoung

      Areum is flawless.
      Dani is a wretched rat.

    • HavokWWE

      Ahreum wasn’t that bad though although she looked out of place and when they made her dye her hair bleach blonde knowing she has pasty white skin that made me sick, but vocally she’s pretty good. Dani looks weird, but she’s decent as a rapper.

      Like I could see her in a CCM girl group where she randomly raps here and there.

    • 364Leinad

      Even though Areum was one of my favorite members (Along with Jiyeon and Hwayoung, stay flawless my cyclops and titty queen <3) I never really felt comfortable with her in T-ARA. I feel like she would have been more suited as a member of A-Pink who would make all the other members look like basic, deformed sluts. Dani is great. She's a hate magnet and that enough would make her valuable. I hope CCM actually does something with her. She's to flawless to be kept locked up in the dungeon with Black Pearl.

      • I agree basically. I love both Dani and Areum but I felt like they should be doing something else. Areum would be amazing in KARA actually, minus the fact that she’s so amazing that she kind of deserves to be solo, or to be in a brand new girl group as the center member. But I could definitely see her in KARA.

        • Louisxvi

          Areum needs to debut as a solo or in a group with Dani (even tho KKS kicked her out of CCM) with a demonic/witchy concept by Shinshadong Tiger. NetizenS would be all over that shit giving her publicity.

          On the other hand how fucked up was that Dani-5dolls collab? It was supposed to be a 5doll song yet Dani was front and center. WTF??

      • johnnybravo831

        #BlackPearl YASSSS!!!!!

    • Dillan Brown

      Oh please, you stop. How do you know YG or other companies don’t go deeper with their music? I mean some you can tell don’t go very deep, like the bulk of SNSD’s songs (but their addictive ahem) and F(X)’s, Shinee’s, ok I can go on and on but no one is pretending. I don’t think they ever said anything about going deep with the songs because Fire, Ringa Linga, Heartbreaker, and many other songs aren’t deep at all, just fun. I think what they meant was having a connection with the music they produce, notice that the number one thing they say is ‘when I’m satisfied with it, I’ll release it.’ They produce music that speaks to them and connect with, is that something to laugh at? I don’t think so, because when you do that, you never run out of music. Look at Taylor Swift, sure she rights about literally every break-up and hook-up and throw-up but she can come up with countless songs because she connects with what she rights. When your starving you pick up whatever can go down your throat but when your merely hungry, you take the time to pick out what you want to eat and figure out how to prepare it, Money starving companies VS Quality Hungry companies.

      That’s why I love T-ara, they produced EVERYTHING. Sad songs, happy songs, the why me songs, the get up and run for your life songs, and the giggle joy songs. They were so interesting and completely unique in an industry that was over-produced, unoriginal, and uninspired. The song-writers, choreographers, and theme planners were so perfectly in tune with what T-ara needed to do and what the public wanted but didn’t know exactly what they were expecting. Every song was a surprise but yet, was so them. And if they hadn’t been ripped from their place, I think they would have surpassed SNSD. 2NE1 is my bias group but they can be comfy with the number 3, to be in the top 5 or even 10 out of hundreds of other girl groups is outstanding and amazing in itself.

      • Louisxvi

        Idol music has never and will never be deep or artistic. It is just a way of selling the idols. It is enjoyable, sure, but to say it is artistic is hilarious. Same thing with pop music everywhere, except that idol music is less authentic and more cheesy that western mainstream pop. That is just the truth.

        • Lol @ “Less authentic”. I was listening to a Jeanette McCurdy interview with The Nerdist last night and she said she was signed to a country music deal because the label said she’d suit it because she has blonde hair. That was it. Then they put her on a country tour and told her to say in interviews that she’s been listening to country music all her life, even though she never had before.

          Also, American pop brainwashes its listeners through payola.


          K-pop isn’t ‘authentic’ either but at least they are openly manufactured instead of lying about it constantly which Western pop stars do because Americans are so dumb they need to be tricked into thinking there’s some authenticity behind the manufactured crap the radio brainwashes them into buying.

          • Louisxvi

            You can gleam more of a personality in western pop stars though. Can a Rihanna exist in the kpop world? Rihanna does not write music but her ideas are generally reflected in the music and the image she currently has is not label created. That is rather absent in kpop.

          • Well you can get personality from many K-pop stars but there’s also many that are all fake. Honestly it’s just the same as Western Pop where you have stars that are more authentic and ones that are more manufactured.

            Anyway, if you want personality and authenticity listen to a real artist. Listen to a band that make all their songs themselves.

            Whether kpop or American pop is more manufactured than the other, at the end of the day it’s still the same shit. Main difference is they’re just more open about the manufactured aspects in Korea and Japan. In the West they go to great lengths to convince you these pop stars are steering the ship themselves when they rarely ever are.

          • Louisxvi

            I listen to rap as my main music so bands really ain’t my thing. I enjoy pop music, kpop included as something enjoyable. Artistry is not something i expect from popstars. The girls just have to be hot and sing catchy music. I am a huge Rihanna and Hyuna fans so authenticity is not a priority lol.

        • Dillan Brown

          You don’t have a good ear then, there is plenty of music out there that is artistic, you’re just too contrary to bother.

          • Louisxvi

            I don’t care for k-indie since I actually listended to English indie stuff. Idol music is fun because it is catchy and melodic but it is not deep. Seriously what idol makes deep serious music.

  • T-ara the best

    well. this.is.so true

  • FreakyFlyBri

    Yeah, that’s the one thing that always REALLY irks me about T-ara’s detractors…even now that T-ara is nowhere near close to the level of popularity they once had, some people still refuse to give them the credit of almost having had it all. And it’s not just the new K-Pop fans, either…some people who were around during T-ara’s domination still want to claim that they were never THAT popular to begin with, and I’m always like…


  • Mandy

    ‘Why Do You Act Like This’ was the first T-ara song I heard and I was hooked. It’s sad that people try to deny how big they were when there are facts, it’s not like someone trying to defend their favorite flop group

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    OMG the memories….

    OK so Absolute First Album will forever be a legendary and influential k-pop album to me because it was the first true k-pop album I enjoyed back to back (I’ll just ignore 2ne1’s To Anyone album cause that album sounds like western music anyway).

    Secondly, it was the best feeling to be a T-ara stan (weren’t we all?) cause a T-ara comeback would mean 3 things: 6 versions of the mv, some high budget-sci/fi-oscar award winning performance from out fave idols and obviously a really HOT song that u just couldn’t help but stan.

    Thirdly like everything in life, the bad comes with the good and I remember clearly feeling like powerless and mad even that they wouldn’t let T-ara rest and it was so clear something very bad would happen with them, the rate things were going. If not for anything else, the scandal made them regroup and become closer, and rest a little, because they didn’t have to keep up with their chart positions anymore.

    And lastly, I think the future isn’t as bright for T-ara as it was before, but for the meantime I think they learned their lesson (also their label too) and they seem to be enjoying it more than ever (wasn’t T-ara N4 such a funny moment for them? I mean they literally took a shit on everyone’s faces). Their little solo releases only shows their versatility and how they’re willing to dare a bit more, without even being worried about it, cause I mean, they’ve gone through the BAD, it can’t get worse.

    T-ara had the best star quality out of everyone else (minus SNSD of course) at their peak and that will forever live in everyone’s memories.

    • Louisxvi

      Being a T-Ara fan was the best. You knew that they would come out with a smash. And their visuals made the other girlgroup look bad. The superiority aspect of being their fan is something I miss. T-Ara’s fandom was quite informal and had not reached crazy ownership status like GG and 2ne1.

  • ByronZ

    T-ara’s discography >>>>> Your fave’s discography <3

  • Jafet

    I’m glad I at least got to experience the Lovey Dovey comeback and all its gloriousness. It makes me sad they still get so much when other groups can have bigger scandals and bounce back like nothing happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2NE1 comes back next year and slays charts like nothing happened. -_-

  • Nicole Naeun

    What kind of fuckery are netizens doing, comparing the Holy Greatness that is T-ara to some pig-faced nugu like A Pink? SMH!

    Anyway, as someone who has followed her since before they even debuted, I know how popular T-ara was. All their songs are ceritified hits and no one can compare to T-ara/Shinsadong Tiger combo.
    Roly Poly was freakin’ HUGE and all the songs that followed it too. Individually, all members shine in their own field, but Eunjung Jiyeon and Hyomin were really really popular. I mean, Eunjung was seen as an actress at the time, not an idol doing acting. And she was really really good.

    It’s sad for me as a QUEEN’s to see my kweens like this because of some stupid scandal, but honestly it makes me appreciate them more for their hardwork and determination (yes bitches!) in delivering good music post-scandal.
    Long live, T-ara!

    • I found out about them around Why Are You Being Like This, before Yayaya dropped. I remember at first I thought Yayaya was so stupid even though I stanned Bo Peep Bo Peep, but then Tiago got me into Absolute First Album, and then we started fucking stanning for Yayaya and all their discography. By the time Roly Poly was ready to drop I was already a massive fan with all their music downloaded.

      I remember when Roly Poly came out you were so pissed that Hwayoung didn’t receive enough lines because you were her only fan then LOL

      • Nicole Naeun

        Back then, when T-ara were doing the seasonal-concepted performances for BPBP promotion, people were actually praising them lmao. Eventhough people are saying that Orange Caramel started the unique concept, I personally think T-ara has done it first way before they did. Every BPBP performance was exciting and always new. My fave was this performance with them wearing hanbook and the earcat thing as well as the paws. it was so cute lmao.

        And Hwayoung was and is a kween, you will deal!

    • 364Leinad

      Honestly, girl groups seem to be really struggling since 2013 (exc SNSD ofc). Apink, Girl’s Day and SISTAR are the second, third and fourth biggest groups in kpop atm and they’re nowhere NEAR the popularity that 2NE1, KARA and T-ARA were at their peaks. (SISTAR is the closest but they just don’t have the fanbase) I really miss the days when those were the big four. 2NE1 was actually stan-worthy back then as well.

      • Nicole Naeun

        I totally agree with you, back then when you’re big you’re really big. This article just shows how much girl group power has been decreasing, like I said, A Pink is nowhere comparable to T-ara during their peak. A Pink doesn’t even have enough hits, let alone a Nation’s Song like Roly-Poly.

        I hope things are picking up girl groups soon, cuz I personally prefer gg dan bb. I’d love to see new girl groups from jyp, ts, woollim, and heck even yg.

  • HavokWWE

    I honestly wonder. How bad was HwaYoung that they had to kick her ass out the group? She couldn’t have been that horrible of a person. Half of the time Soyeon and Jiyeon don’t even blink so that’s probably why she felt attacked by the group.

    All in all it was a blessing because Boram literally had no lines during most songs they released with HwaYoung so her leaving means the rapping was down played and they were able to do more vocals.

  • t-errorist

    It really pisses me off that they worked their asses off to achieve all of this and now Hwayoung has the audacity to laugh about the drama she caused in interviews.

    • I agree I can’t stand Hwayoung after the way she behaved following the scandal. Honestly if they did bully her then she should’ve just said it straight out instead of first staying quiet as T-ara were trashed, then saying that they didn’t bully, then coming out in interviews impying that they did. She seems very shady.

      • Nicole Naeun

        Honestly, Hwayoung is just doing the things she learned from KKS, which is being shady.
        Gurl needs to eat, so she will do everything to keep money coming in. Don’t turn this to Hwayoung smh!

        • i’m with nicole here. this whole mess was scaleted by KKS shitty management and PR control. in the end of the day, hwayoung is still weakest link in all this because she literally is invisible outside t-ara

  • t-errorist

    My favorite T-ara moment. Soyeon and Boram don’t fuck around!


    • I was searching for this to include but couldn’t find it!

      • 364Leinad

        I really like the SFB edit of this video, simply because of the backing track used, though I couldn’t find said video in the two seconds I spent looking for it.

      • t-errorist

        I literally spent like 20 minutes searching for it. Totally worth it tho. Boram looks like she’s on some good shit.

        • Db

          Probably high off her rockers from all the silicone and botox injections she received.

          • 1304174

            you really need to find another hobby besides hating on other people’s success and getting jealous. lol

          • Db

            Have you seen my commenting history?! Boram and T-ARA are the last people I’d be hating on!

          • 1304174

            oops maybe it was the wrong commenter sorry

  • 364Leinad

    I’ve always felt that the bullying scandal was a publicity stunt gone wrong. As everyone knows, any publicity is good publicity and the scandal would likely have been CCM’s final push to cement T-ARA and the second biggest group in Korea. Everything was growing great, “T-ara are revealed as the bullying sluts they are” was plastered over every news site and people were getting violated with exposure to the group. I’m not sure where things went wrong, perhaps it was when their sponsors stupidly thought netizens had a single brain cell and cut off their contracts with the group, but everything spiraled down hill for some strange reason.
    Despite the fact that idgaf about chart positions or album sales, this is probably the one thing that irks me, the a top tier group plummeted down the rungs all because of something which is obviously happens in every musical ensemble EVER. This scandal was a lesson that all K-Pop fans and K-netizens alike need to be repeatedly shot in the face with a nail gun.

  • Sha

    Oh my, I’m crying reading this one, all you said is all true. T-ARA were the BEST Girl Group for me.

  • this post is literally making me cry…

  • Yongpopaholic

    As soon as the cyclops overlord assumes it’s divine role as leader of the sixpack, t-ara shall return to annihilate korean pop music as it is known. The wall that cannot be climbed will be walked through.

  • Sunny

    even though they were hugely popular. they had never performed outside of asia until music bank in paris i think. International fans should have experienced them more at their peak :(

    “Unlike most idol groups that rely on either uncle fans or teenagers to support them, T-ara’s strength was that they appealed to all ages, in addition to having their claws in so many different parts of the entertainment industry, so their lifespan was already going to be much longer than their contemporaries.”

    QFT! They were a group that would have stayed popular even as they aged. But KKS took advantage of their success and milked them too hard. I still always remember that interview you posted of them almost falling sleep…. KKS also didn’t make too many smart choices as everyone else pointed out.

  • Yani

    I’m so glad i could enjoy Cry,Cry and Lovey Dovey era before the scandal, even though they won’t be back as one of the best girl groups ever, i’ll always stan them and let them slay me with their songs.

  • Park Jiji
  • niyahhill

    Why is it that every time I see hwayoung.

    I want to kick her teeth in?

    Why does ever thing she does she has to throw shade at t-ara????

    Noooooooo you wont ever be on stage with them.

    Noooooo you wont ever eat with them.

    Nooooo you wont ever be seen with them.

    Bitch NOOOOOO. Your never in your life be in t-ara again.

    Seriously the most popular you ever were was when that nipple slipped happened.



  • Darwin

    I hate that the 6-Ara had to see all their work just flush down the toilet. I’ve been obsessed with them since Roly Poly, but even I could tell Hwayoung was a useless addition especially when Eunjung and Hyomin can rap 10 times better than Hwayoung.

    I’m also really sad that Qri’s era had to be overshadow by the massive PR control she had to do. “No. 9” and “Do You Know Me?” SLAYED!!!!!!! And Jiyeon’s solo debut was solid!!! IF only their scandal hadn’t happened. They would be slaying errrrrbody.

  • Mimie W

    OMG. This is the best. Yup. I totally agree. But the biggest problem is wht the hell does some Queen’s believe the rumours and start to hate T-ara. T-ara seriously can beat SNSD and maybe 2NE1 if this scandal didnt come out . This all is damn KKS idea to add some members.

    And obviously that Hwayoung not comfortable with the unnies. I can see it. But now, all we can do just support T-ara more and ignore those haters. And please haters, this year is 2015. Please move on.

  • Pyn Seop

    Take it easy and T-ara will slay ♥

  • Mel Con Yin Đây

    You were right at Some points!! you pulled out the point and the problem that People are still misunderstanding until now!!! I know before the scandal, T-ARA’s peak was so successfully but since 2012 , the begin of the unfair in kpop’s industry kicked out a Group worked over 24hours a day >.< (actually they worked for a whole day and some of the members were not get to sleep because their scheduled). and you were right that T-ARA should has the same authority in Kpop's world!!! (But i'm so sorry to say this but you shouldn't say *Aren’t T-ara’s songs better than SNSD’s? * , i am not going to compare their songs on here but they both worked hard tho!! …ok Let's get back into the point again that How unfair Kpop putted on them so far!!

    For example: SBS every one knows about this.

    SBS show: did a interview out on the street was asking people *how do you think about T-ARA;s Jiyeon and all the cmmt shit just still deeply related to the scandal 3ys ago!! Why??? That's not their fault and that's not really a big deal!! all of them (Anti+The betrayers) were so overacting about that tho!!! and CCM wasn't even consider to calm the problem, the CEO just keep quite for a long time!!!

  • Briana Johnson

    I feel like what happened to KARA happened to T-ARA. It sucks how much 1 scandal can ruin a groups hard work and entire crew.

  • kones

    who is the center in the roly poly video?

    • nique

      Probably Jiyeon or Hyomin

  • nique

    I miss old slaying T-ara

  • lolita

    t-ara still dong good after scandal. proofing that even SK reject them, they still manage great job in other country