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There’s been a lot of great girl group comebacks over the past few months, but 90% of them will become irrelevant on August 11 when ~SECRET~ returns with their fifth mini-album, SECRET SUMMER.

TS Entertainment trickled out a fresh batch of teaser photos over the past day or two (all of which slay), while a highlight medley of SECRET SUMMER has already made its way onto YouTube (more slayage).

There’s only about ten seconds of the Duble Sidekick-produced lead single, “I’m In Love,” featured in the medley, but so far it sounds like a more ballad-y version of Jiyeon’s No. 1 hit (…on a music video chart in China), “1min1sec,” which automatically makes it one of the best songs of the year.

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SECRET’s popularity may have taken a dip last year after G.NA leaked lies to the press that Hyosung was an ilbe-dol, but the “I Do I Do” divas are coming back with a vengeance and no girl group is safe.

By the time SECRET’s “I’m In Love” promotions are done, SISTAR will have shit their floral diapers and AOA will be so embarrassed that they’ll go back to being a band with that mutated half-angel, Youkyung.

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P.S. Sunhwa SLAYING as Nosferatu’s hot mid-life crisis second wife.