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As if I wasn’t already excited enough by the impending comebacks from KARA, SECRET, TaeTiSeo, and the upcoming Brown Eyed Girls’ greatest hits album, now T-ara has announced that they’ll also be returning with new music in September.

Before I continue, I just need a few moments to compose myself and take all of this life-changing information in.

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Okay, good.

According to CCM, China’s No. 1 girl group is currently preparing for their September comeback, but it’s still undecided whether or not it’ll be a digital single, mini-album, or full-length album.

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it better be Absolute Second Album — especially since Slay-ara just had their fifth anniversary, making it the perfect time for an official follow-up to the best K-pop album ever released.

Update: It’s a mini-album, with an “exciting dance track” for the lead single. (Via Tiara Diadem).

Although T-ara’s now just a mid-tier group in Korea (lower mid-tier, to be honest), their popularity across Asia is still strong enough to sustain them without needing to rely on the local market. They’re already one of the biggest hallyu stars in China: “No. 9” is currently the most-viewed music video on YinYueTai (a.k.a. ‘The Chinese YouTube,’ since YouTube is banned in the country) with over 100 million views, beating out the likes of PSY, f(x), EXO, Girls’ Generation, and countless C-Pop stars.

Jiyeon and Hyomin’s solos also proved to be hugely popular on YinYueTai; both topped the most-viewed video chart for several weeks, while “1min1sec” set a record for the most ‘liked’ video on the site.

I could offer up more proof of their popularity across Asia, like their landslide victory in Mwave’s K-pop Star World Championship or their concert for 20,000 fans in Mongolia or the videos of the girls being mobbed by thousands of crazed fans in ChinaMalayasia and Vietnam, but I really don’t need to justify Slay-ara’s unrivalled fame and success to anyone.

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  • KingBeaArthur

    August into September is going to be a battle royal!!! Excited for what they return with. I’m still in complete love with No.9 and Do You Know Me!

    • Not really a battle royale since T-ara has already won. I guess it’s a catfight between the other lesser groups tho :P

      • KingBeaArthur

        Aren’t TTS coming in September though?

        • TTS aka GOD still aren’t on SLAY-ARA level tbh

          • Johnnyyy

            LOL you WISH

  • James Smith III

    I’m glad to know these girls are coming back as a complete unit!!! They need to hurry with these mandarin songs!

  • lildarien

    I was only just yesterday queening out to sexy love/day by day and praying at the altar to for T-ara to be giving us new material and BOOM wish granted very next day. I am sure Boram is going to debut an even more youthful appearance this era, leaving ahjumma’s like SNSD Sunny in the dust.

  • UncleFan

    “it’s still undecided whether or not it’ll be a digital single, mini-album, or full-length album…”

    I’ll take all of the above, thank you!

  • Stadium

    Need a full album please! They never disappoint me with their title tracks even YaYaYa I loved *no regrets* They’re always best as the full unit with songs and esp. as the 6 of them I think they work better, hoping for the breaking heart type of album with IGCBOY and if they release something as good as Like the First Time I will be so happy

  • Hunter Dayum

    6-ARA ~

  • Db

    I hate this expression, but T-ARA is truly deserving of it.


    Also, #justiceforOne&One

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Can’t fucking wait for T-Gods to put other flop groups’ singles to shame!

  • t-errorist

    Praying that it doesn’t flop hard like Do You Know Me!

  • Sunny

    that clip of t-ara in vietnam still makes me cringe… Some vietnamese fans need to learn self control. It wasn’t as bad as when Soshi when there but still….

    anyhow. I hope the song is as amazing as “Sexy Love”…. my fav T-ara track atm.

  • Tata

    I love you so much!

  • Too bad it’s going to flop in Korea. I just hope that it’s a Top 10 at least (even if just for a week), I don’t want no more #15 peaking singles for them (or SECRET). :/
    Oh and that Chinese page, 100M views while their second most popular video had like 1/10 of those views, sounds fishy, like when YouTube had no “fake views” control and JB was having millions a week, then they deleted like 200M views on Baby (I think) and plenty on some of his other videos. I think the same happens here, not because I “doubt” their popularity (their other videos have A LOT of views), but because 100M when the other “popular videos” (by them or other acts) have 10-15 or 20M views TOPS, it’s extremely suspicious that this one got that popular without a reason at all.

    • By the way, I’m all here for another dance track as a single, no more ballads, please. Even though I adore their ballads compared to other groups, but I’m here for upbeat songs.