hilary duff all about you
I said in my review for Hilary Duff’s underappreciated “Chasing The Sun” that it was basically a re-introductory single to play on Lizzie McGuire nostalgia before the real comeback smash dropped, and it turns out I was right. A fortnight after its release, Hilary has labelled “Chasing The Sun” a “teaser,” and bounced back with the official “radio single,” “All About You.”

Those bored by the laidback style of “Chasing The Sun” should find lots to love in this much punchier follow up. Produced by Swedish hitmakers Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha, and Kristian Lundin, “All About You” is the middle-ground between the anthemic pop-rock of One Direction and Demi Lovato, and the mainstream folk music that’s become a presence on American top forty radio. The influences don’t stop there, with Duff dropping in a frickin’ TRAP pre-chorus, and countrifying the whole thing with a catchy banjo riff. 

Basically, it’s the best post-Speak Now single that Taylor Swift never released.

Despite some uncharacteristically racy lyrics (Duff talks about joining the mile high club and doin’ it in the backseat of a car), “All About You” is very young sounding. It’s aimed at the same teenagers that listen to some of the aforementioned artists, like Demi and 1D, which is the same demographic that stanned Duff during her peak. For the older listeners like me, it taps into the same early-2000s nostalgia that “Chasing The Sun” did, which is a pretty genius move on RCA’s part.

For the first time since her comeback was announced, it finally feels like Hilary Duff has a real chance at recapturing her glory days.