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I know that I like to stan the phuck out of T-ara, but overall my favourite K-pop group is Brown Eyed Girls — a.k.a. one of the greatest girl groups of ALL TIME.

The true queens of K-pop (no hyperbole) are set to cement their musical legacy with their first greatest hits compilation in a few days time (August 8 for digital release, 12th for physical), followed by their sixth studio album in the Fall.

Yes, you read correctly: we’re getting TWO new BEG albums over the next few months.

The 2-disc greatest hits album, titled Special Moments, will contain all the group’s singles, from their early classics like “Second” and “L.O.V.E.” to newer stuff like “Abracadabra,” “Sixth Sense,” and “Recipe,” as well as some random album cuts and promo tracks. There’s also a brand new song titled “Hush,” produced by “Gangnam Style” hitmaker Yoo Gun-hyung.

This is pretty amazing, especially for people who aren’t familiar with BEG’s pre-“Abracadabra” discography. I’m sure 80% of K-pop fans don’t even know that perfect (no exaggeration) BEG songs like “My Style”  and “Oasis” exist.

Also, BEG is the longest-running still-relevant girl group in K-pop, so it’s about time they dropped a hits collection. They’ve been active since 2006, and still chart incredibly well with every release — even “Recipe” and “Kill Bill” made the top five.

As for the new studio album, there’s no info on it yet other than a rough Fall release date.

I can only hope that the new album is actually promoted properly, as the Black Box era was one of the most mismanaged eras for a top-tier girl group outside of Girls’ Generation’s Mr.Mr mini. It doesn’t help that BEG has been releasing some real growers lately, like “Kill Bill” and Ga-In’s “Truth or Dare,” but the failure of Black Box is really down to how Nega Network handled everything. I can see why Ga-In has been working with other agencies for her solo career, but BEG doesn’t have that luxury, so Nega needs to get their shit together so BEG can start topping charts and winning first place again like they usually do.

Anyway, check out the Special Moments tracklisting below. Sorry for all the hangul titles, but if you Google them it’ll come up with YouTube links for the songs.

brown eyed girls special moments

CD1-01 Hush
CD1-02 Abracadabra
CD1-03 Sign
CD1-04 어쩌다
CD1-05 Must Have Love
CD1-06 Hold The Line
CD1-07 My Style(Hidden Track)
CD1-08 Sixth Sense
CD1-09 Candy Man
CD1-10 You
CD1-11 오아시스(feat.이재훈)
CD1-12 Kill Bill
CD1-13 Hot shot
CD1-14 레시피
CD1-15 Magic(FOI 2010 주제곡)

CD2-01 클렌징크림
CD2-02 한 여름 밤의 꿈
CD2-03 Far Away(feat.MC 몽)
CD2-04 내가 웃고 있어요 (가인)
CD2-05 세컨드(Second)
CD2-06 너에게 속았다
CD2-07 오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로(feat. Bobby Kim)
CD2-08 잠에 취해
CD2-09 잘할게요
CD2-10 못 가
CD2-11 다시는 사랑 안할래
CD2-12 Must Have Friends
CD2-13 여자가 있어도
CD2-14 불편한 진실
CD2-15 떠나라 미스김

  • James Efron

    sooooooooooo ready for this!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Well shit: sorry T-ara! BEG just snatched your shine! (still in for my T-warriors)

    • niyahhill

      Why cant they share the stage!!!
      T-ara and beg are like my biases!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This Greatest Hits will be the Holy Grail of Greatest Hits. And I’m so ready for new music from them!
    (is anyone amazed by how Miryo now looks like a blow up doll or is it just me?)

  • png

    I know “My Style” is like L.O.V.E 2.0, but I would thought they would have put the original on the list (unless it’s in Korean), since it was their breakthrough-ish song, before “Abracadabra” shot them into the spotlight. 너에게 속았다 (I Got Fooled by You) remains my all-time favorite though.

  • byoing~byoing.

    I really wanted to save money and not buy any albums this year. Looks like I will be buying 50+ of these albums and gifting them to my family and friends so they can appreciate the slayage of BEG. Can’t wait for this comeback and Miryo will finally become the visual of the group.

  • Sunny

    i’ll check for this. I’m still a casual fan as I’m only familiar with the albums Sixth Sense and Black Box.

  • Matheus Torres

    I’m glad they included some lesser known gems like Leave Ms Kim, Second and An Inconvenient Truth. But what a shame L.O.V.E and Come Closer (their freaking DEBUT single) are not included.

    • O.

      I admit, I was disappointed that “Come Closer” wasn’t included, but the fact that “Leave Ms Kim” and “Second” were has me loving it.

  • Mandy

    My entire year has been made by this! By far my favorite girl group and I know they will kill it! I’m surprised that they haven’t released a greatest hits album sooner, but whatever. But I swear if Nega doesn’t get their shit together and promote this shit properly..

  • O.

    I’m so fucking pumped for the album release this fall, if it’s even half as good as Black Box, I know it’ll slay the charts (assuming Nega gets its shit together and properly promotes).

  • Franss AriAre

    By God! If you’re a fan, of course you know “My Style” and “Oasis” … How can you say that 80% did not know of its existence? If you’re a fan … Yes, you know the songs.,,, >< Jesus !