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After saving Christmas with “I Do I Do” and then having Hyosung give “Hush Little Baby” the Jazze Pha remix that it always deserved, SECRET are set to return on August 11 with their next smash single, “I’m In Love.”

Teasers for the future hit have already popped up around Seoul, revealing a brand concept that never been seen before from Korea’s fourth best girl group.

According to TS Entertainment, “I’m In Love” will show, “a refreshing and youthful image that Secret will achieve with their distinct glamorous and sensual concept which they are fully capable of presenting as a ‘hybrid girl group.'”

I’m a little confused by that description, but I think it means SECRET will show a fusion concept that’s somewhere in the middle of summer classic “YooHoo” and long lost Amerie anthem “Poison.”


Hyosung Gif

SECRET’s comeback will be in direct competition with the now 4-member KARA, who will return on August 18 with a new member and a new single called “Day & Night.”

Both “I’m In Love” and “Day & Night” were produced by Duble Sidekick, so some serious slayage is imminent.

My body is ready for both SECRET and KARA to reclaim their fame and slay any rival boy bands and nugu girl groups who happen to be in their way next month.

secret I'm in love

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[Via One Hallyu / Koreaboo]

  • KrisJenner

    No. I’m not here for any KPOP until F(x) return to promote what is the best kpop album of the last 4 years. I think they should call a month of national mourning until Sulli sorts her shit out! Until then I’ll just keep watching eng subbed eps of Jessica & Krystal. (Also side note…I just found out ‘Shaddow’ was written by Cathy Denis/Sophie Ellis Bextor) WHEN WILL YOUR BASIC FAVES.

    • not gonna happen. SM is already pushing a new girl group Red Velvet with a quirky concept.

      • James Smith III

        I hate to say it but it looks like f(x) are going to become this generations CSJH the Grace

        • NOOOOOOOO… but it is working out that way isn’t it?

          • James Smith III

            It is!!! But I love F(x)

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Anticipating this like crazy! Sunhwa looks fucking flawless in those pictures <3

  • James Smith III

    Does anyone else love how Double Sidekick have seemingly replaced Brave Bros as the go to producer these days. I love Brave Bros but Double Sidekick doesn’t doin too repititive

    • JustJam

      I agree. Sometimes Brave Sound makes songs that have similar hooks in them. I dunno if its on purpose or its just their signature..

  • James Smith III

    Is it sad that I cannot tell which one is Hana/Zinger

  • Db

    Hana should promote a brand of men’s shavers called Zinger. She’s had so many nose and jaw shavings that I lost count.

    Unless it’s another Poison or Goodnight Kiss, I’m not here for this. Judging by the images it won’t be.

  • JammySmoochie

    Secret will slay no doubt. No offense to Kara cuz I love them as well. But it’s SECRET time bitches.

  • oneclearnight

    Jieun looks all kinds of flawless.

    I haven’t watched KARA Project yet so I don’t know anything about the new member, but I am intrigued by their comeback and how they’ll do on the charts. Sad they ditched Sweetune for Duble Sidekick, maybe they’re also switching up their sound?? I’m sad bc I love KARA’s music :/

    • JustJam

      I think its time that they worked with someone else instead of Sweetune. Their last two songs weren’t as great as Step or Mister. Seems like Sweetune’s only good with cute & fun songs not mature & sexy ones.

      • oneclearnight

        Hmm, Sweetune also produced Lupin for them so I don’t think they can only do light/cute songs. Maybe it is time, I hope it’s not too radical a change.

        • JustJam

          Well yeah but Damaged Lady & Pandora didn’t really do too well compared to their other hits. That’s probably the main reason why they’re switching composers.

  • Guest

    Not only that, its a first for both groups to be working with another composer. For the last few years they’ve only worked with the same producers.