tinashe xylophone
I got a shock when I checked Tinashe’s Wikipedia page today and discovered that “2 On” is now a top thirty hit on the Hot 100. “2 On” is my JAM, but truthfully I never really expected Tinashe to crossover from blog diva to Billboard-charting R&B chanteuse. Anyway, I guess she’s a thing now (yay), which might have something to do with why her particular collaboration with Dave Sitek for a new promotional EP (produced entirely by Sitek) has been singled out over the EP’s other tracks.

Sitek is a versatile producer whose music spans indie-rock, electronica, soul, and various fusions of the three. This makes him the perfect partner for Tinashe, who put her own unique stamp on the urban music genre with her forward-thinking mixtape releases.

The pair’s collaboration together, “Xylophone,” is a progressive piece of urban-pop that feels both simple and complex at once. The verses are just hand claps and finger snaps, but the song swells on the chorus, adding showers of synths and electronica. It’s sexy, but not in a super obvious way like that porno song Beyonce did about getting jizzed on in the back seat of a car.

I hope it isn’t the last we hear of Tinashe x Sitek. Not that I want him to produce her whole album like he did for Kelis, but a few more songs together would be nice.

  • KingBeaArthur

    In love with this! I never really followed up on Tinashe outside of your posts on her, but I really like this.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I absolutely love this song. SO hawt

  • That beat is everything.


    Oh, I really really like this…a lot.

  • tbqh

    Tinashe is the shit, her mixtapes and work in general have been so great.
    I like ‘2 on’ , but Tokimonsta’s remix is my life ;)


  • leesigh3

    Nobody gets jizzed on like Beyonce. Bow down.