lykke li gunshot
If “Gunshot” isn’t the best song from Lykke Li’s I Never Learn, then it’s certainly the catchiest. It’s one of the few tracks from the sombre, stripped-back album that contains the closest thing to a huge pop hook, making it similar to the sound of 2011′ s Wounded Rhymes.

With the way indie-pop singers are crossing over now, I’m surprised that mainstream stardom hasn’t happened for Lykke Li in a bigger way yet. If it ever does, then I imagine that it’ll be with a song like this.

You can check out the official video –which proves that Lykke Li is still super hot even when dressed like a homeless heartbroken zombie mime– below.

I know I shouldn’t be bringing up Lykke’s good looks because she’s a talented artist who should be recognized for her art and not her appearance, but this isn’t fucking Jezebel. Lykke’s an indie babe and I won’t let anyone make me feel like a shallow sexist pig for constantly bringing it up. Lorde is too, but I feel weird saying that because she’s under eighteen. Also, I am supposed to be gay, so yeah.