Jessie Ware Tough Love
Jessie Ware is back to rescue British soul music in the aftermath of Emeli ‘Granny Music’ Sande’s chart domination with her new single, “Tough Love.”

I already reviewed the song on Popdust the other week where I compared it to a downtempo Prince (serving Purple-Rainalbum-on-hydroponic-weed-by-the-light-of-a-lava-lamp realness), but I thought I’d post it here now that the video is out.

I’m already praying that Jessie can avoid the same sophomore slump that seems to plague most super-hyped British female soloists. Like, it’s fine when trash like Jessie J or Duffy are sophomore slumping, but it’s totally not cute when it’s someone that actually puts out good music like Jessie Ware does.

  • Steve

    I actually saw Emelie Sande live and she was amazing!

    However. I also love this song.
    Both of them are very talented.

    • Ewww!

      Although I can’t talk because I saw Duffy live TWICE. But in my defence the first time was my friend dragging me along to it, I didn’t even know who she was.

  • KingBeaArthur

    That Duffy shade though. Team Duff for life [applicable to Hilary, Amie, & the fictional beer brand].

    Apparently the vid’s been pulled :( I’ll watch it here when it becomes available again. The song is pure love <33

  • KingBeaArthur

    Perfect mv for a flawless song! I love her! *runs to iTunes and downloads “Devotion”*

  • bluesatellite

    Lol Duffy ain’t trash at all Jacques!

  • LizzyG

    Woo, been a crazy summer, just catching up on posts. I missed this blog.
    This is ok, I liked this Night Light remix for awhile when that was out.
    Duffy, herself bothered me but I liked a couple of her non single songs from that one good album.
    I loved most of Emelie’s singles.
    Anybody hear Banks, Beggin for thread? Only descend song I could find lately.