koda kumi hotel
When you think of Koda Kumi and hotels, the first thing that probably comes to mind is some kind of Sleep-Eazy Motel down in Flint, Michigan. As it turns out, KK’s taste is a little more sophisticated than that.

For her “Hotel” music video, Kumi’s taken a bath, put on some nice clothes, and booked the first class suite of the luxury resort from Crystal Kay’s “Forever” PV. Unfortunately, Crystal is no longer a guest in Hotel Paradise, as Koda had “that rain-dancing hippie” (her words, not mine) forcibly removed from the front lawn of the establishment so her view from the top floor penthouse wouldn’t be obstructed in any way.

The “Hotel” PV hits a perfect spot between KK’s fresher looks from hits like “I’ll Be There” and “In The Air,” and the crunk hip-hop trash of stuff like “Touchdown” and “Pop Diva.” She’s the classy guest who reads by the pool and gets a facial at the spa, but still knows how to throw down at night after hitting the hotel bar for a few cocktails.

The same can be said about the song, which manages to take KK’s outdated, low budget hip-pop sound and make it fun and refreshing for the first time in years. There’s even a splash of reggae-infused trap on the bridge, but it’s blended in seamlessly instead of acting as the garish unnecessary beat drop that you’d expect from KK.

I looked up the lyrics to “Hotel” earlier to try and figure out what the song was about, only to find out that more than half of it is already sung in English — I just couldn’t tell because Kumi slurs everything like a drunk obasan at a wedding reception.

Obviously that just adds to my love of “Hotel,” as I haven’t genuinely enjoyed a KK single this much since the lesbian love anthem “KO-SO-KO-SO.”

In summary, this all means that KK has now snatched Namie Amuro’s wig and crown on the following things: Current reigning Queen of Hip-Pawp, Most Fluent in Engrish, and Choice Celebrity MILF.

Yass, KK!