Holly Valance Hopeless
Holly Valance –a.k.a. Australia’s most celebrated actress, movie star, singer, sex symbol, model, reality TV host, reality TV participant, Schwarzkopf spokeswoman, Har Mar Superstar guest vocalist, ARIA award nominee, billionaire’s wife, and only woman in the world who’s scientifically proven to be too hot to touch– has finally returned to music after 10 agonizing years.

Although the State of Mind chanteuse hasn’t recorded a new album or single just yet, she has lent her heavenly voice to the song “Hopeless” by some guy called Something Clockwork. Despite said guy hogging up space on the track that could be better utilized by Hollegend’s spine-tingling vocals, “Hopeless” is still a pretty great italo disco-y number that’s much better than all the other new dance-pop songs I’ve heard this week.

Now let’s all join hands and pray that this musical deity, whose once promising pop career ended much too soon, is already working on a follow up record. And while we’re at it, let’s also ask Godney the Holy Spearit to put Footprints on Spotify so that Hollegend can receive streaming royalties for the one song from the album that she co-wrote, “Harder They Come.”