hilary duff new album
Okay, so there’s a high chance that the photo you see above is part of Hilary Duff’s new album or single photoshoot. She hinted at it on Twitter and then her manager retweeted and said something about loving July, and then I collapsed on the kitchen floor from shock. As soon as I recovered (about three hours later), I ran here to share the good news.

If you follow The Original Disney Diva™ closely closely like I do, then you’ll know that she’s been dropping endless hints about her pop comeback for months now. We already know that it’s definitely happening this year, and that she’s worked with Ed Sheeren, Toby Gad, Savan Kotecha, Dr. Luke, and the dude that did Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”

The first single is the Ed Sheeren song, which Ed himself described as “an adult alternative acoustic sound.”

Oh yeah, and Hilary also opened a VEVO account reverently.

In other words, the #DUFFDOMINATION is about to begin. Y’all ready?

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