FEMM Fxxk Boyz
FEMM is an incredibly ambitious and somewhat confusing new musical project out of Japan. You really need to experience their fully-interactive website to come close to understanding the new Queens of Pop, but I’ll try and explain it now as best as I can.

FEMM is fronted by two girls (nicknamed RiRi and LuLa) who are actually living mannequins (officially named SW-000000 and MS-000000) who have been sent out into society to recruit people (that would be you and me) to become mannequins too. (I think the final goal is world domination or something.) You then sign up through their official website as an agent (that’s your human side) and also as a FEMM (that’s your mannequin side, not a Grindr profile description like you might think). You’re then given missions, which pretty much just consists of spreading FEMM through your social media accounts, which allows you to rise through the global FEMM rankings and unlock special content, etc.

So basically, you get to be yourself, whilst also roleplaying as somebody else.

I still don’t fully get it, but I signed up last week as mannequin AK-00102 and became an “angel” which I think means that I’m a male assassin or something. So y’all better be nice to me or I’ll fucking assassinate you, Hitman: Blood Money-on-Steam style.

Oh yeah, and FEMM sing too.

They’ve got a string of music videos on Youtube, which are all sung in English to emphasize that FEMM is intended to be a global project instead of some niche J-pop thing. The duo’s music mostly consists of regurgitated American EDM, dance-pop, and hip-hop, all of which is just as enjoyable as it is generic. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be some kind of meta commentary on mainstream music and manufactured pop stars or something.

The best of the bunch is a trap-pop track called “Fxxk Boyz Get Money,” which looks like it’s on the verge of going viral. It’s pretty much a pisstake of every shallow hip-hop song you’ve ever heard, but it’s so well-produced and genuinely addictive that you can’t help but feel empowered by the satirical message by the end of it. The tropical synth-pop pre-chorus about Ben Franklin is like, the catchiest best thing ever. Seriously. And you won’t find anything better (unless it’s T-ara related) than the official music video, which features the two FEMM girls twerking in full clichéd Japanese cosplay outfits.

FEMM’s other standout musical moment is “Astroboy,” which is basically just all of Ke$ha’s hits (mostly “We R Who We R”) mashed up into one song. For that reason alone, there’s no way that it can’t be amazing.

Most of FEMM’s singles are on iTunes right now, and “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” will be available on the upcoming TWERK ‘EM ALL compilation which drops July 23.

Now excuse me as I return to FEMM.jp to try and get my mentions up.