As the winner of four first place trophies on M! Countdown (technically ten if you count all the ones that were robbed from them due to shady music show B.S.) , it was only natural that the Brown Eyed Girls would grace the show’s 10th Anniversary special with their presence.

Besides wowing with their edgy bondage outfits and animal print fashion, Korea’s No. 1 vocal-dol JeA decided to stun viewers at the event by unveiling her brand new face.

Despite looking remarkably different to her usual self, it’s rumoured that JeA didn’t actually get plastic surgery, and has just been dieting like SECRET’s Hana on top of getting some very simple work done like T-ara’s Soyeon.

Also flaunting a new look was sexy adult-dol Narsha, who now has trendy purple hair that surpasses Nicole Richie’s, as well as rap-dol Miryo, who looks more and more like a hot cyborg by the day.

Ga-In tried to steal some of the attention away from her bandmates by dressing differently to them, but her cheetah rags were no match for the unnies.

I can’t wait to see the true QUEENS of K-pop blow away all the nugu girl groups and generic boy bands on stage <3


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