Stromae ta fete
Stromae put out one of the better pop albums of the past year, which I guess isn’t saying much considering how bad most of the commercial pop albums have been of late, but Racine Carrée is seriously good. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but in sheer danceability it beats almost everyone. I’m probably a bit biased towards Stromae because of my love of tall skinny stylish non-Caucasian men, but I digress.

A new music video for the album’s latest single “ta fête” dropped this week. It’s the second video for the song following an adorable World Cup-themed clip from a couple of months ago. The new visual has a much bigger budget and a REALLY hot leading man, so it’s a winner despite how little Stromae himself appears in it.

I don’t really know much about what the fuck is going on in music outside of Asia right now, but I do know that I’ve seen Stromae absolutely everywhere lately. They even advertise Racine Carrée on TV in Australia. I’m guessing it’s been a bit of a late bloomer and has now caught on worldwide, hence the big budget on Stromae’s music videos now?

The current hits on the Hot 100 don’t look too bad right now compared to some of the shit I’ve seen on there before, but America could always use some more good pop tunes to combat the audible turds that Jason DeRulo, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj are pushing out. I look forward to seeing “Papaoutai” finally smashing the States sometime in the near future. (It usually takes America about a year longer than the rest of the world to discover anything that isn’t from their home turf.)