2ne1 crush feature
I ended up deleting 2NE1’s Crush album a few months ago in a fit of rage because the God awful “Come Back Home” would automatically play after I’d listen to Uhm Jung Hwa’s iconic “Come 2 Me” (that song was on repeat for a while). I’d mostly forgotten all about it up until yesterday when my friend sent me the music video for the Japanese version of “Crush.” My first thought was, “Why the fuck are they still trying to crack Japan when they’re such total flops over there?” and my second thought was, “Omg this actually slays.

Here’s a few reasons why the “Crush” MV is the best video to come off the Crush album.

1) CL does Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

2) CL does a sexy concept like a sleazy American femcee, cleavage and lap dances included.

3) Minzy on a stripper pole.

4) Minzy’s nose job, jaw shaving, and an assortment of cheap wigs turned her from a ‘unique’ looking girl into a certified hottie. Let’s call her 2NE1’s Hyoyeon.

5) For the first time in years there were actually close ups of Bom without quick cuts to hide her botched plastic surgery. I don’t know how they made her look so normal for once, but she’s now back to resembling an extremely fuckable RealDoll.

6) The fact that 2NE1 has now basically done a sexy concept, meaning that I can drag any dumb Blackjack that says 2NE1 don’t do cheap sexy concepts like other girl groups.

Too bad I can never truly stan for 2NE1 again after “Falling In Love” and “Come Back Home.” Those are two huge stinking cow pats that you just can’t come back from.