2ne1 crush feature
I ended up deleting 2NE1’s Crush album a few months ago in a fit of rage because the God awful “Come Back Home” would automatically play after I’d listen to Uhm Jung Hwa’s iconic “Come 2 Me” (that song was on repeat for a while). I’d mostly forgotten all about it up until yesterday when my friend sent me the music video for the Japanese version of “Crush.” My first thought was, “Why the fuck are they still trying to crack Japan when they’re such total flops over there?” and my second thought was, “Omg this actually slays.

Here’s a few reasons why the “Crush” MV is the best video to come off the Crush album.

1) CL does Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

2) CL does a sexy concept like a sleazy American femcee, cleavage and lap dances included.

3) Minzy on a stripper pole.

4) Minzy’s nose job, jaw shaving, and an assortment of cheap wigs turned her from a ‘unique’ looking girl into a certified hottie. Let’s call her 2NE1’s Hyoyeon.

5) For the first time in years there were actually close ups of Bom without quick cuts to hide her botched plastic surgery. I don’t know how they made her look so normal for once, but she’s now back to resembling an extremely fuckable RealDoll.

6) The fact that 2NE1 has now basically done a sexy concept, meaning that I can drag any dumb Blackjack that says 2NE1 don’t do cheap sexy concepts like other girl groups.

Too bad I can never truly stan for 2NE1 again after “Falling In Love” and “Come Back Home.” Those are two huge stinking cow pats that you just can’t come back from.

  • KingBeaArthur

    O.MY. I gave up following 2ne1 after “Ugly” but this pv is a game changer!!! Bom looked the best she’s looked in years (not to mention she sounds pretty good in Japanese), Minzy was gushing confidence all over the place, and CL! Dear lord, CL! She owned every single second she was on screen!

    Flawless victory.

    • crystal_vista

      Same – I hate how people were going “OMG, so inspiring!!11!!!” when it’s completely the opposite. I remember more than one person saying that if they’d been depressed and heard this song, it would have triggered them into doing something serious.

  • renbites

    Crying soo much because 2ne1 and YG are trying too hard not to flop in Japan.

  • talinekae

    My only issue is… why the lack of Dara in the video? Like you didn’t even mention her in this article because she did nothing of significance. Y YG, Y?

    • Well Dara never does anything anyway so I probably wouldn’t even acknowledge her in a review of her own solo single…

      • talinekae

        but isn’t she the groups visual? A little bit more camera time would’ve been nice.

        • JustJam

          Probably because she’s wouldn’t be that ‘appealing’ to the Japanese audience unlike Bom & Minzy who got eyelid surgeries to make their eyes look 2x bigger than they were before.

      • omg i lol’ed

    • Isn’t it funny that I didn’t even notice her absence? I mean, I don’t know, on CBH she was gorgeous with her blue hair, but when she doesn’t have these great hairdos, she’s just a background model. xD

  • Pity about the song but damn this video is great! They look like clockers! Also yes Bom is pretty again, not sure how that happened but hey not gonna complain.

  • T.

    illuminati, illuminati everywhere!

  • crystal_vista

    I thought the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” thing was ridiculous – it added absolutely nothing to the MV and just looked weird. Minzy… God damn it, I thought she was done with the ero and back to actual dancing!

    • lol well 2ne1 is the k-pop group of the hipsters… breakfast at tiffany’s is THE classic movie of the teenage hipsters. so….

  • James Smith III

    FINALLY!!! I love Minzy in this MV

  • Riley Biers

    I cringe every time Bom moves her face. That’s gotta fuckin hurt.

  • BadB*tch

    IS it bad that I love Minzy moreee nowww? She looks amazing. I LOVE SEXY 2NE1

    • alright the video is fun, but honstely the only sexy thing about it is CL and only. minzy does look beautiful but she’s as sexy as a stiff

  • Brett

    Wow this MV was amazing! I don’t think I have ever seen a K-pop group do a transvestite prostitute concept before!

  • JustJam

    Hmm the song sounds better in Japanese as well :D

  • William Love

    YESSSS for once 2NE1 gets to work what the surgeon’s scalpel gave them and be sexy! personally, I would really enjoy if these girls channeled their inner Wa$$up and had an ass poppin, breast shakin summer dance track come out soon!

    call me crazy but Wa$$up is basically a ratchet, low budget version of 2NE1 circa 2013 so i think it could work

  • gossipmob

    so much fan service! :D
    also, whoever the stylist was, they managed to make dara (the freakin’ visual) look like the least-attractive member. i don’t know whether to be outraged or impressed.

  • vjx89

    This Crush era is simply flawless (and i fuckin love Falling in Love and Come Back Home)

  • What it pisses me off is that they released the video for the Japanese version, knowing that their Japanese versions usually suck (no exception here), but the video, as you said, was great. It’s just that I can’t listen to the Japanese one when we have the flawless I AM THE BEST Wannabe that is the Korean version. :/
    Oh by the way, Minzy looks gorgeous, like, for real, but some of her dance moves are horrible, which is surprising, I guess her nose job made her lose her talent (like with Britney and her multiple “knee jobs”).
    Also, yes, it’s a flop in Japan, so unexpected, wait, not. And I find quite funny when people say “SNSD and 2NE1 (and even f(x)) don’t make sexy concepts”, like, are you on crack gurl? 2NE1 may have done less of those concepts (probably because they are “uglier” than the rest of groups), but showing Bom’s legs and showcasing her boobs and butt on every release, and later when Bom was too old showing CL’s legs too, isn’t that supposed to be SEXY? Same for those videos where ALL the girls wear shorts and put the focus on their legs. It may not be a Marionette, but it’s still selling sex. Also aegyo = virgin sex, so, no excuse here.

  • pinocchiochu

    minzy only had a nose job though why do people always talk about it when there are many female/male idols than have more than a nose job done?

  • Dillan Brown

    The only thing I don’t like about this is the blatant disrespect I get while reading this article, it is soooo stupid to delete an entire album for one song you don’t like, you delete that particular song. Strike 1. Come Back Home was terrific. Strike 2. You don’t stop liking a group because one two songs you don’t like, last I checked every group has that 1 song you kind of ignore. Strike 3. You wonder why people say you don’t like 2NE1? Perhaps because you never ever talk about them and when you do, its insulting/kindofcomplimentary garbage like this one.

  • disqus_4Rn1256qw8


    This video nearly ruined the song for me, luckily it’s the best song they’ve ever done so it would take something worse than this video to ruin it. But yeah it’s just bad, and it could have been such a great video if they did something that actually fit with the song (like just 2NE1 killing a bunch of people or something). This post just made things worse. Minzy has always been pretty. WAY prettier than Hyoyeon. And Falling in Love is fun as hell. And calling Bom a realdoll is disgusting.