Hyomin Nice Body
T-ara’s most scantily-clad member and professional fashion icon Hyomin has put an erotic twist on her usual trendy street style in the latest teaser for her upcoming solo single, “Nice Body.”

Judging by the photo, CCM’s playing to Hyomin’s strengths by combining the image she has in T-ara with her own personal fashion style and legendary reputation as a former teenage iljin sex machine. Smart move, but after seeing the “1min1sec” comeback stages I’m not quite convinced that anybody could possibly have a nicer body than Jiyeon.

I expected all the effort to go into Jiyeon’s solo while Hyomin was lumped with a QBS-esque solo, but it looks like CCM is actually really trying with this. So far we’ve got a marvellous concept, an upcoming single produced by Brave Brothers and a mini-album titled Make Up.

As long as “Nice Body” doesn’t sound anything like the musical atrocity that is “Beautiful Girl,” then it’s going to be amazing and probably better than “1min1sec.” Sorry, but I know y’all agree with me right now.

Hyomin Nice body 01

Hyomin Solo

[Via tiara diadem]

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    First picture with the huge dress is a bit messy but I really stan for the second one! I know she won’t surpass Jiyeon, but I know it will still be flawless. And to be honest after seeing Jiyeon flopping I don’t know man… I’m scared for Hyo LOL

  • KingBeaArthur

    My kween. She better surpass Jiyeon, goddamn it!!!!

  • Meg

    tbh I didn’t really start paying much attention to kpop until right before the T-ara drama began so I never really got into their music, but I always here great things about them and I really liked Jiyeon’s “1min1sec” so I’m beginning to get excited about “Nice Body”

  • Egbutts Egbust

    I love how awkward hyomin is in the atrocity that is “Beautiful Girl”. Like she knew it would flop.

  • zql

    i still don’t get the iljin thing hyomin was a total nerd back then didn’t she get into sungkyunkwan university predebut aka w/o special treatment unlike the one who must not be named

    she is literally after hyomin though like first she gets a scuba diving license and then enrolls in the same university, i’d get a restraining order

    • Egbutts Egbust


      How can this be an iljin?

      All she ever said, was that she had friends who were iljin and she had signed up for a few websites to keep in touch with them. Knetz didn’t believe it, and just wrote her off as being an iljin. Yeah, Hyomin got into that university on brains alone, although she’s not very smart in the common sense category. And often becomes the butt of many jokes.


    Yassss bitch! FUCKING PERFECTION. Not sure when her debut is but I’m gonna assume it will be around the same time as AOA’s Brave Brothers comeback this month. All these competing singles with the same producer, at the same time is making me wet tbh.