sera nine muses
If you thought Leesem and whatsherface leaving Nine Muses was as bad as it could get, then you were wrong. DEAD WRONG. Sera, the voice and heart of Seven Muses, has just announced her departure from the group.

The 26-year-old Canadian-Korean, who is officially known as ‘The Jewel of Canada,’ ‘Toronto’s Angel,’ and ‘The Maple Leaf of Love & Light’ back in The Great White North, hasn’t announced her future plans just yet, but Star Empire has confirmed that a new member will take her place in the Six Muses.

“Nine Muses’ Sera’s contract has reached its expiration date so she has decided to graduate from Nine Muses. Her future activities have not been discussed in detail, and we will cheer on and respect Sera’s new start.”

“Nine Muses plan to recruit a new member and with a reorganized team, they plan to make a comeback early August. We also ask that you show your support and love for the future activities of Sera as well as Nine Muses.”

Okay, so two things about this. First off, this is clearly the biggest tragedy since Gangkiz disbanded and the entire original lineup of Piggy Dolls was replaced with some skinny bitches, but as a loyal Mine I can move past this and continue supporting the group. The two best members may be gone, but as long as Subtraction Muses have Kyungri and Erin, then I’ll stick around.

Secondly, I’m kind of happy for Goddess Ryu Sera. The Negative Number Muses still hadn’t hit daebak despite putting out some of the best K-pop songs of the past few years, and Sera’s clearly talented and beautiful enough to be doing more than singing a few lines in an eternally-struggling girl group that’s probably never going to be much more than the undisputed Queens of the Military. We’ve already seen her slay Immortal Song and win on tvN’s Perfect Singer, so there’s obviously some kind of showbiz future for her past Muse — even if it’s just doing OST ballads and the odd variety show appearance.

I just hope Star Empire replaces all the departed members and not just Sera. They need to live up to their name, and at this point they should also implement an official graduation concept and just become the flop version of After School.

R.I.P. Sera. You’ll be missed even more than Leesem (which is really saying something considering that Leesem is the official H.B.I.C. of the entire universe).

Now please enjoy Sera’s ICONIC new Youtube channel.