rochelle jordan feature
About a month or two ago I told myself that if I saw one more hipster urban artist blowing up the blogs or one more pop tart copying the aforementioned hipster urban artists from the blogs that I’d bludgeon myself in the head with a portable cassette player. Fast forward to last Friday night: I’m sitting at home stoned watching Rage (Aussie music video show, FYI) at 1am, Rochelle Jordan comes on, and I think to myself, “She’s not so bad…” and “I wonder if Domino’s is still open?

ROJO’s brand of R&B blends the ambient urban sounds of The Weeknd and Co. with dollops of Aaliyah-esque ’90s nostalgia. This mix of old and new works a hell of a lot better than the current crop of wannabes who simply copy ‘n’ paste from the ’90s and end up looking either contrived or just plain boring because they couldn’t bring anything new to the table.

I did about 1 minute of Google research on ROJO and discovered that she’s actually been getting buzz since 2011. Back then she was one of the fifty different female artists being billed as the female Drake, but judging by the fact that it’s now 2014 she only has 8100 Twitter followers, I’m assuming that the early hype never amounted to much.

Her early music is a little on the cheap side, but the new singles she’s put out this year –“Follow Me” and “Lowkey”– are polished enough to be chartable hits. They’re also the only two songs on her Spotify account, which is probably for the best. Not that there’s anything wrong with the old stuff, but she’s still bubbling under enough to pretend like the effortless “Follow Me” is her first real song.

Check out ROJO below.