Koda Kumi hotel feature
I love me some Koda Kumi, but the harsh truth is that most of her music these days sucks chocolate salty balls. She can still pop out a decent single every now and then, but her albums are almost always a cheap hodgepodge of outdated Omarion and Beyonce b-sides from 2004. She’s still good to look at though, as evident from the artwork for her upcoming summer single, “Hotel.”

“Hotel” is yet another strong concept from KK, who has been consistently killin’ it visually since “Koishikute.” (The main “Dreaming Now!” artwork is another fave of mine.)

A 30-second preview of the title track is available over at website, and although it’s another typically cheap Koda Kumi urban-pop jam, it’s quite good for what it is. It’s already sounding stronger than her last few songs, and a smashing video could make it great.

“Hotel” drops in August, but look out for the music video to drop much earlier.

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