grimes go
Finally, some new Grimes music! Kind of. Claire Boucher hasn’t launched the follow-up to Visions just yet, but to help quell the painful waiting period she’s dropped a new song called “Go” that was originally written for Rihanna. Riri, however, turned it down, leaving Grimes with both the song and a great opportunity for some serious media play by releasing a song that’s kind of like a 2-for-1 of new Grimes and Riri.

“Go,” as commercial as it is, is still the strange sound of two opposing worlds colliding. On one side you’ve got all the typical top forty trappings of a Rihanna record –trap-pop beats, a repetitive EDM breakdown for a chorus– and on the other you’ve got major Grimeseyness (can that please be a word?) like ethereal vocal swirls and hazy introspective lyrics about reuniting with a past love through dreams.

Rather than rag on Grimes for doing such a blatantly mainstream pop song, I’d rather take the glass half full approach and look at “Go” as a best of both worlds kind of thing instead. It’s a #banger, and it’s not like this is her new single or anything.

Take a listen below.