Hyosung star1 02
The only woman on the planet who has the ability to be both the sexiest and the cutest woman alive has flopped out her glorious tig ol’ bitties yet again for the betterment of mankind.

What kind of busty angel…

In other news, porno-lullaby “Good-night Kiss” is still in the top twenty of both the Gaon singles chart and the Melon real-time chart, which means that it’s about fifty thousand times more successful than G.NA and Jiyeon’s singles. It might actually be bigger than Ga-In’s underrated “Truth or Dare” too, which would give Hyosung one of the most popular female girl group solos of the year.

The power of cleavage. And a cute face. And an amazing song. And flawless choreography. AND JUST ALL AROUND HYOSUNG PERFECTION.

Hyosung star1 01

[Via SecretFourIntl]