fiestar one more
FIESTAR’s finally joined the sexy concept bandwagon. A bandwagon that has now passed, crashed, and burned, but since FIESTAR’s sexy concept comeback was actually due out in April before being cockblocked by the Sewol ferry, they’re only just getting around to doing it now.

Better late than never, ladies.

I’ve always loved FIESTAR’s music to death, but there’s something about them that kept me from doing any real stanning beyond “Vista.” Like AOA, I think a sexy transformation is needed to get the group to finally click, then everyone will be interested enough in FIESTAR to comb through their discography and discover just how great they really are.

If you click on this video and go to about the 1:30 mark, you can listen to a clip of FIESTAR’s new single “One More” (due out July 2). So far it sounds super addictive.

La la la la la la la hana na na na nanana doll~”


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