e-girls we are venus
E-Girls have carved out a nice little niche for themselves among Japan’s other large-numbered girl groups. While Idoling!!! and AKB48 cater to otakus and Morning Musume are now masters of off-kilter EDM, E-Girls’ commercial dance-pop and polished style makes them one of Japan’s most Western-friendly groups. From what I’ve observed online, a lot of E-Girls’ fans appear to be K-pop and Europop fans who don’t typically follow Japanese groups, but have made an exception for E-Girls because they’re all pretty and their music isn’t weird.

E-Girls are a little boring compared to their contemporaries, but they’re bright and shiny enough to keep me relatively interested for the time being. I also like the concept of E-Girls being three separate groups rolled into one (with Flower being the best of the three, obvi). Not to mention that I’m just a sucker in general for Asian pop groups with thousands of members: there’s realy nothing that isn’t amazing about watching thirty pretty girls dancing in sync like a small musical army. I hope that if North Korea ever invades the world that they use musically-gifted female soldiers that resemble Japanese girl groups.

Anyway, I was floored by E-Girls’ latest single “We Are Venus” when I first heard it the other day, but now that I’m back to post it, it doesn’t seem so impressive. I think I was just hypnotized by the flashy music video and stolen “Mr. Taxi” outfits. Still, it’s stronger than a lot of E-Girls’ other singles, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the squiggly EDM. The intentional nod to Daft Punk is also a tonne of fun (even if it did just make me hunger for After School’s “Get Lucky” knock-off “Heaven”).

I can’t help but feel like I’m not giving this song the credit it deserves (the funky Daft Punk riffs keep replaying in my mind), but I’m content enough with the hair whipping and disco balls in the video to not care whether I get completely hooked on the music or not.

Check out the music video below. The extended version comes with a bonkers elecTRONica intro that could make a perfect Perfume song with some autotuned vocals spread on top.