aoa short hair feature
AOA’s “Miniskirt” is my most played song of the year if my scrobbles are accurate, so I’m not about to sit here and throw shade at the group for releasing exactly the same song with their new single, “Short Hair.”

Seriously though, it’s the exact same song. The only differences I can detect are that the lyrics about wearing miniskirts have been replaced with lyrics about cutting your hair short, and Brave Brothers signature electric guitar doodling has been added to the production. The rest of the structure is the same as “Miniskirt,” from the ‘hey hey hey‘ opening to the ‘ooh ooh ooh‘ bits to the rapid post-chorus rap-singing that opens verse two.


While the song doesn’t match the original, its still a certified bop with a cute fetish dress-up concept that’s a much better fit for the girlish AOA than the womanly “Miniskirt” thing was. If you’re a man with a hard-on for girls in uniform, then “Short Hair” should have something for you to beat your dick to. One girl’s a cheerleader, another is a cop… it’s all very hot in a clichéd fetish Asian-y cosplay kinda way. I just feel bad for the one dressed as a pizza delivery boy. Imagine how pissed you’d be if you were her. The agency is handing out the outfits; one’s a sexy stewardess, one’s the office slut, and then you get given a fucking Domino’s uniform.

As solid as the video is, I find the P.O.V. porno ‘eye contact version’ to be superior. The girls actually look like living human beings in that one, as opposed to a crew of indistinguishable RealDolls that some perverted Korean ahjussi bought online.

Anyway, I like this, and Jimin is the new Kween of Rap, so it’s good all ’round.

P.S. it’s semi-flopping on Melon, but it might have longevity like “Miniskirt” did and become a huge hit in the end. We’ll see.