Tokyo Girls Style Killing Me Softly
Fresh from releasing the teaser audio for Killing Me Softly, Tokyo Girls’ Style have quickly followed up with the official music video for the title track from their upcoming fourth studio album.

The song is a more subdued take on Royal Mirrorball’s usual disco-funk, with a melancholy acoustic intro that recalls some of the group’s early album cuts like “Boku no Tegami” and “Love Like Candy Floss.” That could be because “Killing Me Softly” was apparently produced years ago, with the group media playing the track by claiming that it was produced for their first album, but that Royal Mirrorball held onto it until they were mature enough to sing it. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, but it’s a cool marketing trick.

The accompanying music video highlights TGS’ increasingly good choreography, which seems to have gotten a lot sexier as of late. The moves for “Killing Me Softly” are quite strange, with the girls switching between Dance Moms lyrical routine realness to booty shaking “Dip It Low” type stuff.

Since I don’t know the English lyrics to this, I have to go by the visuals to interpret the song’s meaning: I’m thinking that the choreography and ticking clocks represents the members growing up and becoming young women, while the colour purple –which represents royalty according to a Google search of “what does purple mean” that I just punched in– symbolizes their growing success and future status as QUEENS of the Japanese music industry.

If you speak Japanese and have figured out that “Killing Me Softly” actually represents something entirely different, don’t tell me. I don’t want to accept that my exhaustive 30-second Google search into the origins of the colour purple were in vain.