Hyomin Solo
When T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hyomin first announced that they were going solo, I was most excited for Hyomin’s Brave Brothers-produced single. Then I saw Jiyeon grinding her hips and doing the bat dance, I suddenly forgot that Hyomin even existed. Now Hyomin’s released her first solo teaser, and all of a sudden I’m back in her corner because it’s just so super fucking awesome.

Hyo looks like the long lost lovechild of G-Dragon and Seo In Young, and I mean that as a compliment (I enjoy GD’s visuals, just not that generic sludge he calls ‘music’). A recent article in Dispatch (most likely paid for by CCM) said that style icon Hyomin is going for a fashionista concept for her solo, so I guess she’ll be following in Elly’s trendy footsteps.

Only a group as immaculate as T-ara could spawn the second comings of both Park Ji Yoon and Seo In Young. Now all we need is for acclaimed act-dol Eunjung to take her rightful place as the next Uhm Jung Hwa and T-ara will be set for life.

T-ara Hyomin Teaser

More details and teasers photos on Hyomin’s solo album will be revealed on June 2.

[Via Tiara Diadem]

  • Nicole Naeun

    OMG loving her platinum-black hair, so fucking cool!!

    If we’re talking who are T-ara to some K-Pop veterans, Hyomin would be this generation’s Uhm Jung Hwa because afterall UJH is known for her edgy and cool fashion stle.
    And that makes Eunjung as this generation’s Chaeyeon obviously!

  • Db

    I expect a bad ass rap break from Hyomin. None of that No 9 or Do You Know Me shit. I want a rap like the good ol’ Absolute First Album days!

  • Brett

    I really am getting Seo In Young vibes from this teaser pic.
    Let’s just hope the song has the same vibe!

  • JammySmoochie

    Originally not hyped for her debut but that teaser photo is giving me life. I hope this slays.

  • Steve

    T-ara queens Ji-yeon and Hyomin are leading the pack.

    I’m so pumped for this.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Yes! My love Hyomin is about to shut it down!

  • Riley Biers

    The only HYO I stan for is my flawless ogre-queen Hyoyeon

  • I love it when people get creative with their looks. I knew Hyomin wouldn’t disappoint.

  • U_Wot_U_Wot

    hoping for “like the first time” part 2

  • niyahhill

    So Am I the only one who saw a mix between Miryo and Gain when I saw this?