Every day I punch ‘stellar‘ in hangul into Youtube and click the most recent videos to find out if anything new on Korea’s angels has been uploaded. Today, whilst searching for a subbed version of the clip of Jay Park winning a ‘date’ with STELLAR in a game of basketball, I came across this classy Chinese dance cover of STELLAR’s revolutionary hit, “Marionette.”

The women in the video are supposed to be Chinese, but a couple of them look like butchered Gangnam unnies from all the plastic surgery they’ve had to try and emulate the unattainable beauty of STELLAR. Anyway, it’s not like anybody is looking at their faces as they drop it like it’s hot in flesh-toned bodysuits that make the original “Marionette” outfits look like a burqa by comparison.

Now that STELLAR have sexually-liberated and empowered the entire female population of China, there’s now rumours that the country will start unblocking foreign websites like Twitter, Google, and xHamster, and start allowing full freedom of the press. They’re also going to stop supporting North Korea and will no longer throw shade at Tibet. And it’s all thanks to STELLAR.