Stellar Maxim Feature
Nation’s first loves STELLAR stripped off for the April issue of Maxim magazine to further cement their status as Korea’s top new sexy girl group over rivals like Girl’s Day, Brown Eyed Girls, AOA, 2NE1 and SISTAR.

For some reason they didn’t actually make the cover, but I guess that’s just because their sexiness is so overwhelming that the risk of Maxim customers creaming their pants in public before they even got a chance to open the magazine was too high. It was best to just put some random skank on the cover so folks have the chance to buy the mag and make it back to their privacy of their bathrooms before prematurely ejaculating all over the pages.

I Google-translated the accompanying interview, and basically what I got was endless paragraphs from STELLAR about how the army loves them now and that they’re always asked to perform at military bases and universities across the country. However, when asked about what concept they want to try next, one member seemed to say (judging by a poor Korean-to-English translation) that she’d like to try a cute concept like Orange Caramel.

Orange Caramel Gif

Such versatility from STELLAR. They’re like a versatile gay that can flip-flop fuck, effortlessly switching between the role of the power bottom or the dom top within seconds.

In addition to Maxim, Korea’s most in-demand new supermodels have also completed shoots for BNT News and Men’s Health, AND filmed a CF as the new endorsement models for the popular mobile game, God In Us.

Is there no end to their success?

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