Puretty 2014
If you’re a Kamilia like me then you probably know this already, but for those who don’t, I’m here to give you some bad news: PURETTY is done. Disbanded. Dead. One is studying, one is pursuing a career an actress (the bizarre-looking alien version of Hara that served as PURETTY’s flawless visual), and the remaining three are now part of the greatest talent competition since MTV’s Making The Band, The KARA Project.

The KARA Project


As you probably know, The KARA Project has gathered seven fresh young thangs (christened “BABY KARA”) to compete to fill the two empty spots left by Nicole and Jiyoung in Asia’s most sweet and charming girl group. The whole thing reminds me of a mix between Jewelry and Morning Musume, and I’m behind it 100%. The project is getting a lot of hate, but that’s just the usual petty negativity that’s so prevalent in the K-pop fandom. As far as I see it, any KARA is better than no KARA at all. Also, the fact that PURETTY is part of this makes it even more exciting.

For those unfamiliar with PURETTY, they were basically just a perfectly cloned version of KARA that DSP Media debuted in Japan at the height of the hallyu wave to try and cash in on KARA’s mind-boggling success at the time. They released just two singles during the time they were active — both of which were shameless KARA knock-offs, and both of which bombed on the charts like you wouldn’t believe (their second, “Shuwa Shuwa Baby,” only reached No. 116 on Oricon).

I’m not sure if I’ll ever quite get over PURETTY disbanding, but I’m relieved that they can have a second chance to slay Asia as part of KARA. I like almost all of the KARA babies though, so I really don’t care who makes it into the group as long as it isn’t Chae Won or Yoo Ji. The rest are fly (even Chae Kyung who looks like a teenage Sungah in her teaser video), but I simply cannot with the last two.

Anyway, R.I.P. PURETTY. You’ll be missed.

[Via Korea Boo]