Tokyo Girls' Style Killing Me Softly 01
The jewels of Japan Tokyo Girls’ Style are set to surpass the critical and commercial success of The Fugees’ 1996 opus The Score with their upcoming fourth studio album, Killing Me Softly. It’ll officially start smashing Oricon records on the June 6, but until then you can listen to some amazing previews of all the Killing Me Softly tracks through a teaser video Avex released yesterday.

From the sound of it, Killing Me Softly could definitely be the best TGS album yet — if not, at least their second best after Limited Addiction. It already sounds pretty cohesive, and I’m digging the funky “Get The Star” Royal Mirrorball remix (which I’ll probably use to replace the original pop-rock version). It’s got some of the group’s best singles, like “Fate” and “Partition Love,” and the title track looks fucking divine judging from the PV preview.

Can you believe that this will be the third Tokyo Girls’ Style album released this year? They already had dropped Royal Mirrorball Discotheque which was a compilation of all their Royal Mirrorball remixes, and then went all indie on us with the experimental Maltine Girls’ Wave collaboration album. I can never get enough of these five future Queens of the Japanese entertainment industry!

Anyway, take a listen to Killing Me Softly below.