Narsha Bullshit
Narsha is probably the ultimate K-diva. She’s talented, but not too talented to the point of being boring; sexy and stylish, but in a completely camp kind of way, and her music is creative enough to be interesting but still sticks to a style that appeals to true K-diva fans (i.e. the gays). The only thing to fault NarshAllah on is the size of her solo discography, which is so small that it consists of just one EP and a lone digital single. Other than that, the closest thing we’ve got to more Narsha tunes is a couple of collaborations with her Brown Eyed Girls bandmate Miryo, like the legendary “Leggo” and the charming but uneventful “Tonight.”

Now, four years after Narsha changed the game by singing in four different languages and making out with a white guy in “Mamma Mia,” she’s finally returned to the electro-pop genre by lending her sweet vocals to Humming Urban Stereo’s “Bullshit.”

The new song is lifted from Stereo’s 10th anniversary album, which features all-new versions of a selection of the band’s past tracks. “Bullshit” sticks to the standard Humming Urban Stereo blueprint, meaning glitchy electro beats galore. This one’s also peppered with symphonic bursts, which really compliments an accomplished vocalist like Narsha.

With a title as great as “Bullshit” I wish I could understand the lyrics (or at least find a translation), but the production alone is so off the chain that it doesn’t really matter.

I’d give Minzy’s new v-line jaw for a new Narsha album, but I’d even settle for a few more K-indie EDM joints with her on the vocals. But considering how badly Nega Network handled the last Brown Eyed Girls album, I’m not surprised that we still haven’t received a proper follow-up to Narsha’s self-titled opus.

Anyway, get into it below, and then go hunt down the rest of Humming Urban Stereo’s new tracks for more similar collabs with the likes of G.NA, NS Yoon-G, and Ladies’ Code hottie Ashley.

  • niyahhill

    I love this <3

  • Nicole Naeun

    I don’t know why but I somehow feels this lacks of something. And Narsha’s sensual vocals are not showing here.
    There are MANY other HUB songs that Narsha should sing instead this one tbh. But I love the artwork, it screams Narsha!

  • UncleFan

    Loved it! Didn’t care for G.NA’s effort, though.

    • I actually love G.NA’s. I’m stanning for her so hard lately.

  • Prada Noona

    Praying that Narsha pulls a Gain and somehow gets LOEN to do all her solo stuff.

  • Tatyana Maquieira
  • Lukas Gessner

    “…still sticks to a style that appeals to true K-diva fans (i.e. the gays). ” Thanks for the shout-out ;). So true though; with gay people being essentially non-existent in Korean media, and an unfortunate paucity of (openly) strong women, we’re left with precious little to celebrate, but I’ve been following Narsha and Ga-in ever since Abracadabra came out and introduced me to Korean pop culture. I’m still a bit disappointed that the honesty and strength of that video isn’t really representative of K-pop as a whole, but at least we have a couple of fabulous women still carrying the torch. I’d throw Puer Kim and Lee Hyori in this group as well.

  • Mattey

    Even though this wasn’t full on diva, Narsha’s voice is like the excitement you feel in the moment you lose your virginity. Nuff said.