Hyosung Good-Night Kiss
As if being both the cutest and the sexiest idol in all of K-pop wasn’t enough, Hyosung is about to come for CL’s title of ‘The Baddest Female’ with her very own trap music smash.

In what is possibly the greatest Korean-to-English press release in history, the never-been-done-before fusion-genre of Hyosung’s sensational debut solo single is revealed for the very first time.

The title song ‘Good-night Kiss’ is a dance song with a repeating refrain and is an experimental crossover with TRAP, which has been trending in hip-hop, destroying the monotony of composition and thus setting it apart from other dance songs. The melody is derived from American lullabies and combined with an addictive hook and Jeon Hyosung’s sweet vocals to complete a dance that could only be Jeon Hyosung’s.

In other words: Hyosung’s solo single will be the ratchet hood version of “Starlight, Moonlight.”

As for the concept, it looks like we’re getting sexy.

Furthermore, Jeon Hyosung has always radiated the confidence about her luxurious proportions and her flexible body on stage unlike any other, and with this album she will step up her mature sensuality and become the one and only with her dizzy performances that cannot be compared.

Jeon Hyosung has bloomed like a single blossom spotlighted by a spring sunbeam to be naturally honest and more beautiful, and thus expresses the shining brilliance of all women to the world better than anyone else. Jeon Hyosung goes one step closer to becoming the forever ‘fantasy’ of male fans and the kind of image that the female fans will even more ‘wannabe.’

You hear that? Hyosung is every male’s fantasy and the woman every woman ‘wannabe.’ She’s a blooming cherry blossom flower bathing in the spring sunshine emanating rays of brilliance or something.

I really respect the time and effort that the author put into this press release because it would’ve been so easy to just scrawl, “She’s got a cute face and huge tits so pay attention,” which is probably what I would’ve done.

Top Secret drops May 12. Click here for the tracklisting and concept photos if you haven’t drooled over them already,