Hyosung Good-night Kiss MV
As the star of bipolar girl group SECRET, Hyosung has spent her career hopping between ultra-cute concepts and ultra-sexy ones. She’s just as famous for her sizeable chest as she is for her bright gummy smile; a dichotomy that’s perfectly illustrated in her sunny ads for underwear brand Yes. Hyosung simultaneously works both extremes in her first solo single, “Good-night Kiss”: A crunk trap-pop song about a sleepy tryst with a lover that’s built around schoolyard chants and the melody of the children’s lullaby “Hush, Little Baby.”

“Good-night Kiss” could easily pass for an old Ciara song, with its bouncy synth-pop beats passing for Super Ci’s early work with Jazza Pha and Missy Elliott. It’s a perfect fit for Hyosung, who shares a similar high-pitched, girly vocal style of the one-time princess of crunk’n’b.

Then there’s post-chorus trap breakdowns –the trend de jour in pop music now that dubstep is yesterday’s news. Of course, 2PM and CL were two of the first major K-pop stars to try out the genre, but at that point K-pop fans still weren’t ready for this scary and unknown hip-hop style to hit their ears. Now that everybody from Katy Perry and G-Dragon are churning out bubblegum trap hits, sheltered K-pop fans (i.e. 95% of the entire fandom) are finally on board as the genre is done to death. Not that I’m complaining: the trap drop in “Good-night Kiss” provides Hyosung with the required soundtrack to work out her ample curves in the music video in the same way that Janet and Paula always left room for dance breaks in their songs, and it also adds an element of unpredictability to the production.

Hyosung slaying gif

Most K-pop these days tends to be a bit of an assault on the senses with endless hooks and beat switches wrapped up in a catchy commercial gloss, and “Good-night Kiss” is no exception. It plays like a Ciara megamix meets “The Baddest Female” and Daphne & Celeste’s “U.G.L.Y.” — and there’s no possible way for that not to be a good thing.

Just like Jieun’s amazing solo efforts, “Good-night Kiss” is another brilliant example from TS Entertainment on how to do a solo release right. Jiyeon’s upcoming single looks like it’s going to ride the same sound that’s given Hyorin, AOA, and Sunmi hits, and I’m still not quite sure what G.NA’s signature concept is aside from smiling lots, but “Good-night Kiss” captures what makes Hyosung Hyosung. Even the music video, as sexy as it is, manages to balance shameless cleavage shots and booty shaking with the kind of playful, energetic pep that makes Hyosung the perfect combination of busty babe and effervescent girl next door. It just hits the mark on every level.

If you still don’t recognize Hyosung as the ultimate dream girl after experiencing “Good-night Kiss,” then you’re either an asexual eunuch or you recently received a lobotomy. Seriously.

  • Brett

    I was sooooo happy with this it really was everything I wanted from a Hyosung solo!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Spot on with the Ciara comparison! I didn’t catch it on my plays.

    I think Sunmi & Hyosung have redefined the sexy concept. You can be sexy & sultry while still maintaining class & elegance (with the occasional drop & pop or shameless cleavage shot). Hyo gave me more than I deserved!

  • Josh Chinnery

    ““Good-night Kiss” could easily pass for an old Ciara song, with its bouncy synth-pop beats passing for Super Ci’s early work with Jazza Pha and Missy Elliott.”


    Chalk this debut up to be one of the best of the year, y’all!! This song is amazing and has actually been inspiring some nostalgic feels about music circa 2003-2006

  • i just can’t with all the janetness and paulaness of this song! it’s amazing! actually the whole single-album is flawless… just like ji eun’s

  • Db

    I wasn’t really feeling the trap parts at first, but I like them now. The synths in the chorus instantly made it my favourite part. I love me some 80s/90s pop sounds!

  • Sunny

    damn. it pretty much is a kpopafied version of a Ciara song O_o not that its a bad thing. Kpop always manages to surprise me everytime with how much they can gloss up pop music….. so much more than the US too. Kpop really don’t half-ass anything lol

  • JammySmoochie

    Agreed. TS Entertainment knows how to do a proper solo debut. They know what works for their artists without sounding boring and reductive. Just like with Jieun’s perfect solo efforts, TSE once again did it with this awesome solo debut of Hyosung. Just the right amount of sexy mixed with SECRET’s innocent charms. And the trap breakdown was not annoying which is a miracle considering almost all trap songs now are super annoying.

    Overall, Hyosung slayed bigtime. Debut of the year tbh.

  • Tenko

    “I Hate the Night” is a great song too !

  • KK88

    All deez chickens…

  • Guest


  • Guest

    All deez chickens…


  • Nicole Naeun

    Amazing debut, concept, song, styling, choreo, everything is perfect! And the song is so addictive I play it all the time.

  • ICONI3

    I pleasantly shocked by this solo. I wasn’t expecting much, but she slayed.

  • Andrew Rod

    Both song and video are perfect

  • Khrysteenah

    The breakdown part sounds soo much like Fifth Harmony’s me and my girls